No Longer Be the Traffic-Plagued Resident in the New Year with Airwheel Ideawheels

In the passing year, every traffic-plagued resident living in large cities is silently screaming inside that the city they live is facing gridlocked. Be fed up with waiting on the way, they are eagerly hoping to have more portable transport vehicles to alleviate traffic woes and then each of them can benefit from it. Idea like this should take a look at Airwheel ideawheels.

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Traffic is driving most residents living in larger cities nuts. Currently, the way for daily commuting or for travelling is always crowded. In order to ease this worse condition, Airwheel dedicates itself to make more green and low-carbon intelligent electric vehicles for folks. And it hopes to see that the residents can no longer be plagued by traffic congestion and live in a city with blue sky and fresh air.
Airwheel CES 2017
All the intelligent e scooters and e bikes under Airwheel use power to drive, instead of fuel or gas. This ensures the ideawheels of Airwheel environmental and eco-friendly. Firstly, the self-balancing electric scooters like series X, Q, A and S are be controlled by shifting body forward or backward. They seem as the city elves shuttling in each alley, flexible and portable. The later Z series electric standing scooters are suiting daily commute best with its unparalleled performance.
Airwheel CES 2017
While in the second half of this year, Airwheel welcomed its new members, E series smart e bikes, including E6 and E3. Featured by the unique appearance, both of E6 and E3 electric folding bike are highly praised among folks. Different from traditional bikes, they have no chain structure and are driven by electricity. Plus, due to the special folding technique, they have the distinguished figures. One is shown like an “X” (E6) while the other appears like a double “O”. So it is the special figure that makes each of them having special folding performance.

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Airwheel CES 2017
Last but not the least, R5 electric assist bike is also a new member of e bikes under Airwheel. Similarly, it is driven by electricity, but it can be also cycled or controlled in different levels of forth through adjusting the gear level. In other words, R5 electric assist bike has three ride modes, that is, man-power mode, power mode and power assisted mode.  
Airwheel CES 2017
After knowing Airwheel ideawheels, you will no longer be trapped into traffic woes.

CES 2017

2017 CES will last on 5 Jan. through 8 Jan. Airwheel is about to bring its latest products C6 motorcycle helmet, C8 racing helmet, F3 Drone with Camera to the show.

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