Wonder Sneakers: The Truly Hands-free Sneakers

Victor Lau of Hong Kong and his partners at Wonder Gear are seeking HK$ 570,000 ($73,451 USD) to finance their innovative Wonder Shoes concept by Feb. 02.  With 36 days left in their Kickstarter.com pledge campaign, they have 20 backers promising $655 (USD).

“Wonder Sneaker is the perfect pair of hands-free sneakers that you are looking for,” Lau stated. Wonder Gear was founded by four young men who wanted to create something  to change people’s way of life while remaining affordable. “Utilizing Zero-tie auto-lacing system Wonder Sneakers allow you to truly free up your hands from tying and untying the laces.”

The Wonder Sneakers are “hands free” footwear, according to Lau. The tension mechanism designed into each shoe binds and loosens the shoe on your foot. It  is the marketable convenience offered by this new type of shoe.

The mechanism is in the back of the shoe. To tighten, one just inserts his/her foot then rolls the small attached wheel. To release, the lever is pressed and your foot can be pulled out easily.

There are eight pledge levels with rewards in the Kickstarter.com campaign valued from 50 HK ($6 USD) to 4999 HK ($644 USD). Rewards include from one to ten pairs of shoes of various colors at greatly reduced prices.

Materials used in the shoes are designed for both comfort and durability, according to Lau. More than 20,000 feet were measured and observed in the development of the Wonder Sneakers concept.

The comfort comes with one hundred percent polyester jersey fabric helps which helps drain your sweat  keeps feet dry, Lau stated. “Highly breathable mesh fabric on the surface maximizes airflow and moisture movement within the shoes. Peach surface also gives a soft hand touch which goes well with human skin.”

Shoelaces and out soles are made of nylon fiber with a tensile strength of up to 80 newtons and heavy duty ultra-grippy rubber which gives the shoe its durability. “It has been proven suitable for people who do a lot of sports and outdoor activities.”

Lau said their start-up company has been given high production minimums for their new design. “Though we’re working hard to launch a second round negotiation with the manufacturer, we need your kindly support to build up the basis of bargaining. Please show your support by backing us on Kickstarter.”

Go to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wondergear/wonder-sneakers-the-truly-hands-free-sneakers for more information.

Kickstarter has been  an online platform since 2009 where people can promote and raise start-up capital for their creative ideas.

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