Tricky G. Washington Creates R&B, Soul, and Jazz Infused Music While Expressing Life’s Rigors And Perseverance

The rich sound of Tricky G. Washington’s music can largely be attributed to his coming from a musical family as well as his willingness to learn all he can about his craft. A jazz enthusiast, his music is reminiscent of classic greats, and also incorporates modern synth beats and electronic elements to create a textured orchestra of sound.

Combine this with intelligent lyrics and wordsmithing, and what you get is his latest album, ìSunsationî, a personal introspective album that is deep, thoughtful and very relatable. 

Born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas, Tricky G. Washington grew up playing any instrument he could get his hands on. The son of a guitarist who played for the local church, Washington began plunking around on his father’s guitar at age 4, before studying music theory at age 5. It was here that he learned to play a variety of acoustic instruments including congas, chimes, and other percussion instruments as well as alto saxophone. At age 17, he picked up his brother’s bass and had his brother teach him the basics before his brother tragically passed.

From there it was a matter of finding patterns in the works of some of his favorite jazz musicians including Stanley Clarke and Vail Johnson, who at the time played bass for Kenny G. By the time he was 20 and began perfecting his bass playing, he received requests to play concerts at local churches, which he did for free in order to pursue his dream of becoming a producer like one of his heroes, Quincy Jones. Washington took the next step in his musical evolution after his dad became a local pastor and his church received a five-piece acoustic drum kit. He switched from bass to drums and eventually moved on to learn the keyboard and began writing songs and singing in the church choir; he was 25.

Already a multi-instrumentalist, the next discovery in Washington’s musical path was that of the Yamaha DX7 synthesizer, which he used to create his own beats, mixing them on his PC alongside his electric bass. He used these beats for self reflection on the sunny beaches of the Bahamas and began crafting songs to go with them. Living in a tourist country, he interacted with tourists from all around the world, who all expressed feeling joy in the hot and sunny weather, which inspired him to write.

A brilliant amalgam of classic jazz and contemporary soul and R&B with a little bit of rap splashed in, ìSunsationî uses layered instrumentals and vocal pitch to create a textured sound with insightful and occasionally humorous lyrics to illustrate his rich and diverse artistic path. The vocals on the album are three-phase, meaning that his singing pitch ranges from alto to soprano, and his rap voice drops to bass and tenor, which at times makes it sound like three different people are vocalizing on the track. It is this sort of vocal illusion that helped him earn the loving nickname of ìTrickyî from his friends.

Recorded at a home studio using a suite of recording software including Cubase, Cakewalk, and Studio One, ìSunsationî is a complex album that keeps listeners guessing and builds off of itself track by track. Today, Washington can be found at events of many of his friends, many who are DJs, and making himself available as more opportunities arise. ìSunsationî will be available on January 6, 2017 on all major media outlets including iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby as well at Washington’s official website

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