China Film Industry Is Becoming The New Hollywood According To Alibaba Pictures

The film industry in China continues to grow, making China an exciting country for actors, film directors, and industry backers. a professional company that invests and promotes the new era of China culture has said China’s film industry continues to grow, making it a real alternative to Hollywood.

The company that invests in local foreign films has said box office revenue for 2016 was an impressive 44 billion yuan ($6.33 billion), which is an increase on the same time scale as, the previous twelve months. These figures according to who has strong IP rights collaboration with other film production companies and studios said these figures show the world how strong the China film industry is.

Although China has a strong box office, it was not always the case. It took around eight years for the film industry to grow in China where box office revenue was less than 1 billion yuan in 2002. That figure rose to 10 billion yuan in 2010 and continued to grow, making China film industry an exciting and profitable industry to be in.

A spokesman for said: “The film industry in China is continuing to grow with more people going to the box office to be entertained. This has resulted in more cinemas being built, showing quality films and providing a truly entertaining experience.”

Hollywood, which has produced box office hits including Singing In The Rain, Greece, Mission Impossible, and The X-Men has always prided itself as being the film capital of the world. The USA has also been regarded as a country with more cinemas and film goers than any other country, but that has now changed according to

China saw the number of screens grow from 30,000 in 2015 to 40,000 in 2016, showing an impressive increase of 26 per day. That has now resulted in China having more screens than the United States of America, making China the new leader in the film industry. expects the film industry in China to continue to grow and relishes the prospect of more foreign films being made in China. To learn more about, please visit

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