Indiana Addiction Treatment for Cocaine

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Cocaine is a highly addictive drug.

Generally makes a person feel like they are walking on clouds, and that nothing is too difficult to accomplish. The drug speeds up mental processes and heart rates. People begin to talk, think, and move fast. All of a sudden, it seems like they are a blur if you are in their presence. Cocaine addicts may lose their appetites and no longer feel the need to sleep as much. All of this seems good until the high wears off. Then the struggle is to find the next fix. Up and down, up and down, all while the body develops a tolerance for the drug. This means the addict has to take larger does, or snort it more frequently. It becomes a vicious cycle that only rehab and detox can fix.

Long-time snorting can cause nosebleeds. Addicts can even lose their sense of smell. They may also appear to have a cold and a runny nose all the time. If they shoot up cocaine, there may be visible needle marks. Cocaine is bad, but the really bad thing about cocaine is that highs are short lived. This causes the addict to snort several times a day or more just to get their immense high back.

Additional Cocaine Side Effects

There are serious side effects that can result from a cocaine addiction. Cocaine damages heart muscle. It is known to damage the heart’s cells, and also cause inflammation. Heart attacks are not uncommon with excessive cocaine use. Cocaine users are often only a single snort away from having a stroke or causing major brain damage. Of course, the worse that can happen is that an addict overdoses. Death by overdose happens way too often.

Cocaine change the brain’s chemistry, and it is possible that a recovering addict may never experience the same level of mental prowess they might have owned before. Cocaine can also cause permanent kidney damage. There is no upside to using cocaine—only a downside.

Knowing When It Is Time to Seek Help

When an addict makes up his or mind that enough is enough, they are ready for rehab. For some, rehab may not be an easy decision, and the fact remains that millions of drug addicts may not make it to rehab at all. For those that do seek rehab—help is on the way. Detox, of course, is most essential for helping rid the addict’s system of harmful toxins. It may last for several weeks, or even longer. The goal of detox is to bring the person’s body back to a state of balance. Rehab continues the process and patients receive medications that help ease and eliminate the drug cravings. Patients are also encouraged to eat healthy because cocaine use can deplete the body of healthy nutrients and vitamins.

Counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy are extremely helpful in getting patients to introspect and examine their own thinking habits and behaviors. Patients gain a better understanding that thoughts and behavior are related. It will be a challenging journey, but every recovered addict will tell you the journey was well worth it. Aftercare programs continue to add value and support to the addict’s life. Addicted to cocaine? Find help.

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