Marijuana Treatment Alternatives in Alabama

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Marijuana treatment alternatives in Alabama address a growing drug use concern. Studies performed in 2003 and 2004 by the Office of Applied Studies, National Survey on Drug Use and Health, revealed there were at least 309,000 people, aged 12 years and younger in Alabama, who experimented at least once with marijuana. The marijuana abuse problem compounds when considering the increase of synthetic marijuana, which is called Spice by another name. Spice is more harmful than typical marijuana.

Spice Side Effects

Spice, synthetic marijuana, may include psychotic episodes, vomiting, nausea, uncontrolled sweating, red eyes, dry mouth, and sudden seizures. Both Spice and regular marijuana are addictive. Addiction can happen in just several weeks of use. Those using Spice for the first time may experience hallucinations. Some people realize the risk of harm is too great and find the will to quit. Others, keep going down the same path until the only alternative is clinical treatment.
Some will say that marijuana does not result in addiction. The logical assumption is that anyone who finds it difficult, if not impossible to quit has an addiction problem.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Help is available for those who seek clinical treatment:

• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Since marijuana addiction is also the result of a mental imbalance, in many cases, CBT helps patients to develop strategies to correct problematic behaviors. Patients arrive at a better understanding of how their thoughts affect actions and outcomes in life.

• Contingency Management – Patients who undergo contingency management submit to frequent monitoring of their behavior. They can receive tangible rewards for good behavior, or no rewards for unacceptable behavior.

• Motivational Enhancement Therapy – When rapid change is desired, motivational enhancement therapy is used to treat the addict. This therapy does not directly treat the addicted person, per say, but helps them to draw from their own internal resources and create a positive change in their life.

Counseling, one-on-one, family, or group counseling is an effective method of treatment as well. Patients benefit when working directly with their counselor, who can help them identify problematic areas of their thinking. Family counseling is a powerful tool that can help teens and parents arrive at a better understanding of marijuana addiction and cures. Group counseling proves to be a powerful method that allows people to share experiences and gain valuable insights.

Finding Purpose in Life

Counseling can also help people to find a purpose in life that helps them overcome the stresses and temptations to avoid relapse. Patients are encouraged to find a meaningful hobby, to join a worthwhile cause, and to rebuild their self-esteem. In this way, treatment centers are an invaluable source for those looking to permanently beat their addiction. While people can overcome the addiction on their own, there are many who cannot. The best advice is to get immediate help for a loved one or friend if their marijuana addiction is out of control.

In many states, marijuana use is still illegal. While some states allow for legal prescriptions, there are federal laws to contend with. Help with an addiction is available. The first, and often bravest first step, is to seek clinical treatment.

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