Opioid Addiction in Alabama Is Serious Enough to Make National Headlines

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Alabama’s opioid addiction crisis is serious enough to gain national attention. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Alabama doctors write more painkiller and opioid prescriptions than any other state. It seems to be where most prescriptions are written. Opioid addiction is spreading across the country, and Alabama is ground zero. Painkillers are such a part of the local community that they are actually traded for such items as school clothes and lawn mowers in some instances.

The community is white and rural. The global and local economy has taken its toll on the city’s inhabitants. Coal mining was king, but no longer. Too few jobs created a lot of stress and depression, and marketing OxyContin as a less-addictive painkiller only added to the stress. Drug dealers also abused the system, along with religion that has slowly disappeared from schools. Add to this the fact there were greedy doctors looking to pay for vacation homes and beach condos. The state’s addiction problem has also taken its toll on white, working-class women, especially in rural areas across the country. As is stands, Alabama’s death rate is also the highest among any demographic in the United States. People in the state suffer from economic isolation, which creates stressful anxieties.

Treatment for Opioid Addiction

The most important step for patients is to realize they have an addiction. Then, to check into an addiction treatment center where capable and caring clinicians can address and treat the addiction. Patients fill out all the necessary forms to start. After the treatment center accepts a patient, they screen for any hidden co-occurring conditions, such as mental disorders. Treating an addiction problem without addressing mental disorders such as stress, anxiety, or alterations of brain chemistry, can lead to relapse.


Detox, the removal of harmful chemicals from the body, is the first stage of treatment. It can be a challenge for many, depending on the drug and length of time addicted. Opioid withdrawal symptoms may include drug cravings, diarrhea, enlarged pupils, pains in the abdominal areas, chills, vomiting, and nausea. Patients may also experience extreme agitation and mood swings. As such, a person is never advised to try and detox alone. Such a detox can be painful, and even life-threatening.

Detox can last from several weeks to a month, or even longer in some cases. It depends on the severity of the patient’s addiction, their health, and how long they were addicted. Once a person navigates detox, they are introduced to cognitive therapies and counseling that helps them to understand the nature of their addiction and its causes. Patients learn more about the relationship between thought and action.

If the patient’s treatment is residential, they have 24/7 access to medications and clinical care until their program is completed. Outpatient treatment, just as effective, allows patients to return home after treatment or counseling each day.

Opioid addiction treatment yields best results when treating the whole individual. Otherwise, not treating a mental disorder, or additional drug addiction, can readily lead to a relapse.

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