Oregon Family Therapy – An Essential Element in Addiction Treatment

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Family therapy plays an important role in treating addiction in Oregon. The harmful effects of an addiction are not just limited to the addicted individual. Also, the causes of an addiction are about as varied as the people who are addicted. When families are torn apart, it can compound and perpetuate addiction. Addiction is often referred to as a family disease, and for good reason. Entire families can be torn apart as a result of addictive behavior and actions.

The Role of Family Therapy

Rather than focus on a single individual, family therapy targets a group. The whole concept is based on the notion that families share a definite connection. If one person, or component, can be modified, it can change the dynamic of the entire family. Thus, families play an essential role in the addiction recovery and healing process. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, family therapy has proven to be an effective approach.

When to Tell When Family Therapy Should Apply

1. When a family member continues to abuse drugs or alcohol in spite of objections, family therapy can play an active role in smoothing out differences.

2. Sometimes the pressure can be so great when dealing with a family member’s addiction that other family members experience health issues.

3. Family therapy teaches family members to better understand their loved one’s addiction. The goal is not to make excuses for that addiction, but to learn better ways in how to deal with it.

4. Family therapy can be applied if other means of counseling have fallen short. Getting everyone involved opens up the doors to communication. It helps when everyone can place their feelings and emotions on the table in a controlled, safe, and supportive environment.

Is just so happens that millions of people with addicted family members feel the addiction, and its consequences, belongs to the addict alone. This is far from the truth. Through family therapy, family members often learn how they have contributed to the addiction. Thus, it becomes a learning process for everyone involved.

The first step is for the individual to address the reality of their addiction, and then to seek help with rehab. Rehab is where detox occurs, and effective counseling and cognitive therapies are administered. Patients learn to make the connection with their own thinking and behaviors. Thus, they learn that they can change their outcomes in life.

Additional Benefits of Family Therapy

Family therapy helps patients to gain a greater awareness of their actions and needs. There is not a better therapy in use that has more of a positive impact on the mental and physical state of the family unit. A great benefit of family therapy is that people learn to intervene in their own lives to improve their condition. There are reasons that people abuse drugs. Family therapy is part of a system that helps addicts and families to understand those elements, identify triggers, and to develop behaviors that will help prevent relapse.

If you or a loved one is need of addiction treatment, do not hesitate to seek rehab that helps individuals break free of addiction and to pursue a life of sobriety.

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