Joyous Moment of Sending Christmas and New Year card to your family and friends With Augmented Reality App

Christmas and New Year has arrived; it is a time to send the greeting card. If any of youare wondering, how and where does these greeting cards came in to existence from Jstor Daily published an article named “greeting card history”, which will explain about the Past and Present of the Christmas card.

The birth of Christmas card

All over the world people from different cultural backgrounds like to send handwritten New Year greeting card to each other, this tradition has lasted for centuries. However, In English culture, the custom of sending greeting cards can only be traced back to the middle of 19th century. Some textual research states that this tradition has originated from Scotland during the year 1840’s, in the area of Thomas (Thomas Shorrock). He made first greeting card with a picture of a smiling face, the title is “I wish you A Happy New Year” (A Guide during the airport Ye).

However, more people owed the birth of Christmas cards to Sir Henry Cole, who was the first director of Victoria museum, London. In 1843, he asks an artist to create 1,000 engraving printed Christmas card with a title: “Christmas and happy New Year!” 

In recent years, with development of technology, there are various greeting cards has been produced.Augmented Reality greeting card is a new form of technology to view the content. Augmented Reality transform flat greeting card to be stereoscopic visual content. It is not only cool way to enjoy the content but also has an interactive feature to explore. It is easier to use;anyone can enjoy the content using their mobile or tablet devices.

SteamrollEast created the greeting card with Augmented Reality technology, which is Xmax Party AR.User can freely download app and digital greeting card from 

Write down the best wish for your family and friends and send to them.

Make your New Year card stand out from the rest of the ordinary cards and give your family and friends a surprise. Enjoy it now!

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