The Growing Problem of Heroin Addiction in Alabama

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It is said that heroin use is rising in Alabama.

The growing problem of heroin addiction in Alabama may be an understatement. The reality is that heroin is flooding Alabama as a result of government crackdowns on painkiller prescriptions, namely synthetic opioids. There is also a lot of drug trafficking taking place. Opioids are over-the-country prescriptions that can quickly cause addiction. The next step for the addicted individual is to find an alternative drug source since their access to painkillers has been limited or cut off. Heroin is the answer, as people try to avoid the horrific cycle of withdrawal and relapse.

Heroin, often cut with substances like fentanyl, an opioid medication quite often used for terminal cancer patients, can lead to overdoses and death. Some believe that Alabama is waging a futile fight over the War on Drugs. Interdiction and incarceration may not be the complete answer to curbing heroin addiction in the state. The reality is that incarceration does not necessarily address the addiction problem.

Treatment for Heroin Addiction

When an individual is ready for treatment, there are a number of options available. Inpatient treatment provides 24/7 clinical support to provide medications and help patients through withdrawal. The patient’s addiction depends on the drug, how long they have been addicted, and their overall state of health. Withdrawal, the most trying treatment stage for many, can last two weeks or longer.

Patients are subjected to counseling and behavior therapies that helps them gain insights about their addiction and its causes. Clinical practitioners may include psychiatrists, counselors, support staff, and nutritionists. During the patient’s stay, co-occurring conditions, such as mental disorders and alcohol abuse, are also addressed and treated. The goal is help get the patient get back on the road to a full recovery.

Outpatient treatment, just as effective, is reserved for those with a greater degree of control over their addiction. Patients must attend their counseling sessions and take prescribed medications as required. At the end of each daily session, they are allowed to return home.


Counseling consists of one-on-one, family, and group therapy as recommended by the treatment center. Patients learn to connect their old thinking patterns with resulting actions. Family counseling is another important tool employed to help patients break free of drug addiction. Families learn more about their loved one’s addiction, and can also gain insights to how they may have played a part. Counseling also allows families to communicate on a different level. Addiction affects everyone, and there is a lot of pain, suffering, and negative feelings that must be addressed before true healing can take place.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This therapy is designed to help change a person’s views and expectations about their drug abuse. It also helps patients to cope with stresses that can lead to relapse. The world is filled with stress and negative events. Once a patient learns how to handle stress, they have a tool they can leverage for a lifetime.

Aftercare and follow-up are additional components of drug treatment. Patients may be able to continue certain treatment programs at their addiction treatment center, and gain access to other groups like Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

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