Vermont Battles a Rising Drug Epidemic

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Few people are aware, but the quaint state of Vermont has the highest rate of illicit drug abuse of any state in the country.

From marijuana to cocaine, the state ranks high for nearly every type of illicit drug. Analyzing the reasons why, one might conclude it is due to weather, big city influences, and politics. It may also be that law enforcement is not as tough on crime as law enforcement is in other parts of the country or in urban areas. Vermont also ranks highest in the states for marijuana use.

Out-of-state drug trafficking into Vermont has also set the pace for high drug use in the state. Vermont has a number of big interstate highways that lead into the big cities. Consider that traffic from Montreal, New York, and Boston constantly flows through the state. Vermont happens to be a convenient stop. Also, supply meets demand, and Vermont citizens are willing to pay up to six times the price of what a bag of heroin will sell for in New York. Buyers are making it easy to move product. At present, Vermont officials are fully aware of the drug dilemma and are trying to remedy the problem. The drug problem is being dealt with on all levels.

Vermont Rehab Solutions

Regardless of one’s economic status, there are rehab solutions in Vermont that addicts can take advantage of. Form luxury rehab to all male or all female rehab, solutions to curb addiction are available.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Treatment Options

Inpatient treatment options are most effective for patients with severe addiction challenges. Once patients are accepted into rehab, a facility will give the patient a thorough assessment to determine if there are underlying mental problems influencing their addiction. Mental problems include anxiety, depression, and mood swings. People sometimes take drugs to escape negative feelings and emotions. Detox is the next step. Detox removes all the harmful chemicals from the patient’s body. It may take two weeks, or even a month. This stage is not rushed because rehab is less effective if a patient is still going through withdrawal pains. Rehab continues where patients are privy to excellent counseling and behavioral therapies.

Outpatient treatments are just as effective. The big difference is that patients may return home after their therapy or counseling session. Patients may be required to attend therapy several days out of the week, and submit to random drug tests just to make sure they maintain their sobriety. If all goes well, patients can leave rehab with the knowledge and skills to break free of drug addiction. It will not be easy, and some do relapse. The best advice for these people is to pick themselves right back up and continue down the path to freedom.

If you or a loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol, help is simply a phone call away. Make the connection to learn more and get the help you need to break free of addiction.

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