Aspiring DJ/Producer Says, “Music Saved Me.”

RALEIGH, NC – 1/2/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Alot of upcoming artists have obstacles that they must overcome.  However, for DJ Megzz, the obstacles he has faced have been not only haunting but even dark and hopeless.  Born in Long Island, New York,  Megzz had a wonderful childhood, with two loving parents and an identical twin brother.  “I had an amazing childhood, my father was always around to hangout and my mother was always cooking and caring for us.”  Megzz moved to Raleigh, NC with his parents when he was 13 years old.  “The move was difficult, anytime you have to go to a new school with all new kids and no friends is tough.”  When Megzz was in 6th grade he first noticed an excessive worry that was uncontrollable.  When he was in high school he was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.  “It was alot of social anxiety, along with panic attacks.”  Megzz went to Wake Tech Comm College and later began a job as a personal banker for Wells Fargo.  Megzz anxiously states, “I had no idea the hell i was going to go through following those next two years.”

After six months into the job with Wells Fargo, Megzz began to gain weight.  “Working a 9 to 5 desk job, and sitting in a chair all day while eating junk food will make u gain weight.”  Megzz started to feel depressed and self conscious about his physical appearence, “I wouldnt go to the pool, i wouldnt do anything that would make me vulnerable with my weight gain.”  Megzz began to isolate himself and not go out with friends.  After a year of depression things only got worse.  Megzz would end up slipping into “The darkest time of his life.”  Megzz had eventually gotten so depressed he was having thoughts of suicide daily, along with not caring about his physical appearence.  Megzz also was living a risky lifestyle with a period of substance abuse and drinking to numb the pain he had inside of him.  After one night of drinking, Megzz hit rock bottom.  When he hit rock bottom he called the one person he knew he could always count on for help, his mother Deana Megaloudis.  “I told her i needed help and i couldnt keep living like this.”  Shortly after Megzz was admitted to a 30 day rehab facility in Maryland. 

Following his stay in rehab, Megzz says “things started to turn around for the better, i found myself again while i was in rehab.”  Coming back though, Megzz knew he needed a change.  Contemplating what his next move would be, he turned to the one thing that always made him feel good and happy inside, music.  “I always wanted to make music but just never tried or had the money to get the equipment.”  After saving some money though, Megzz purchased his first DJ Controller.  The rest is history, Megzz didnt leave his apartment the first week of having his new controller.  “I literally mixed beats and sounds all day and didnt keep in contact with anyone.”  It was at this point when DJ Megzz was born. 

Megzz currently has two brand new singles out on itunes.  The two singles are, “Fight The Fire” and “I Want You”  He will be releasing his first album in early february of 2017.  Megzz wont ever forget his past but states that he has learned valuable lessons for the future.  As far as his depression goes, Megzz says, “Their has been no depression symptoms since starting his music making journey.”  

As Megzz sat back in his chair he looked up and smiled as he said, “I guess you could say music saved me.”

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