2017 Fitness Prediction -Sprint-Intensity Cardio will replace HIIT

SAN JOSE, CA – 1/2/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — San Jose, CA – Watching Olympic track athletes compete in different events, it’s clear to see sprinters look different than other athletes.

Fitness expert and cardio equipment consultant Phil Campbell explains why.

Sprinters release significant amounts of exercise-induced growth hormone during their training.

With recent attention given to HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) for burning more calories than traditional exercise, cardio protocol creator and author Phil Campbell says “interval training is kindergarten-to-college when compared to sprint-intensity cardio, which is superior in results and saves time.”

Campbell is the Sprint 8 Cardio Protocol creator, and his program has been the featured program on products manufactured for home use for 12 years. Based on the remarkable success of the Sprint 8 Cardio Protocol and a decade of successful consumer experience, Campbell’s Sprint 8 Protocol will be featured on Matrix Fitness, the commercial fitness brand for one of the largest fitness equipment manufacturers worldwide.

With a signature cardio protocol featured on a major fitness brand to his credit, he has written two extensive books on exercise-induced growth hormone release – the driver of Sprint 8.

Dr. Dave Woynarowski, nationally recognized physician and personal trainer for super-marathon athletes, introduces Phil Campbell as the “Grandfather of high-intensity cardio training. “Long before Tabata, Phil Campbell was preaching why we should be doing anaerobic cardio training to condition the heart muscle aerobically and anaerobically.”


Better results. Save time.

In two hospital-based studies specifically on Campbell’s Sprint 8 Protocol, the research shows an average drop in body fat of 27% when compared to 14.4% when injecting growth hormone. It’s no secret that actors use growth hormone injections to get buffed. And there are numerous articles about growth hormone injections being the main course in anti-aging centers that advertise it as the fountain of youth.”

Growth hormone has been banned for use by athletes because it illegally improves performance by artificially cutting body fat and putting on muscle. It’s a powerful hormone and Campbell says “you can get it naturally with exactly the right formula of anaerobic and aerobic exercise.”   

The hospital-based research compared Campbell’s Sprint 8 Cardio Protocol results with key health measures of body fat reduction and lowering cholesterol with statins drugs prescribed for cholesterol management. It’s been estimated 1 in 4 men over age 40 are prescribed a statin drug even with recently reported negative side-effects. Campbell’s Sprint 8 Protocol offers an impressive natural alternative.  

Sound too good to be true? Well, here’s the catch. The Sprint 8 Protocol is more intense than interval training. Campbell says “much more intense, but the results are worth the effort.” One physician on the research panel studying Sprint 8 stated, “The only way you get more body fat loss than Sprint 8 is to cut it off.”

What’s even more amazing than the 27% reduction in body fat is the fact all of the research subjects were told not to change their diets in any way. “We instructed the test subjects to let Sprint 8 be the only variable in the study and to live life exactly as before adding Sprint 8.

Dr. Richard Godfrey’s research in exercise-induced growth hormone is frequently praised by Campbell in both his books. “I’m a big fan of Dr. Godfrey’s work,” says Campbell. “I give him credit for defining how the effectiveness of exercise should be measured — not in traditional calories burned — but in how growth hormone is released in response to exercise.”  

Dr. Godfrey reports, “The impact of some of the deleterious effects of aging could be reduced if exercise focused on promoting exercised-induced growth hormone.”

Campbell agrees. He created the Sprint 8 Cardio Protocol to target the maximum release of exercise-produced growth hormone safely. He explains, “Sprint 8 allows you to step-out of a calorie-counting world or results into a world of injecting growth hormone and steroids results, except — and this is most important – except it’s 100% natural with a simple exercise protocol.

Campbell explains, every study participant was required to attend a one hour presentation that included the science behind Sprint 8 and a hands-on demonstration in the hospital’s wellness center. Before the first Sprint 8 attempt, nurses drew blood for a baseline growth hormone and cholesterol measurement to test the theory that sprint-intensity cardio would yield results equal to injecting growth hormone. Not only was Sprint 8 equal. It was better! Significantly better in reducing body fat.  

The one-hour presentation was designed to get participants “Ready, and Set” before starting the “Go phase,” explains Campbell.

“The presentation of Sprint 8 science may be the most important part,” says Campbell. “Sprint 8 is hard. But it’s hard in 30-second, bite-sized portions and even new comers to exercise say they can handle anything for 30 seconds. Most people don’t know what productive exercise intensity feels like, and this is why most programs don’t work. They omit the education and understanding aspects.   

Campbell cites the research of Dr. Jeff Hallam showing that fitness education in the workplace can keep 67% people exercising regularly for a full year. Without the education, the number can drop to 25%. Campbell explains, “Understanding the science behind Sprint 8 and why it has to be this intense is the key to its success.”

In Campbell’s latest book, Sprint 8 Cardio Protocol, he describes in detail the science behind Sprint 8 and how it can be done in many different ways — sprint running, sprint swimming, and how to do Sprint 8 on most cardio machines found in fitness clubs.

When it comes to reducing body fat, Campbell describes the impact exercise-induced growth hormone release. In a section of his book called “Step Out of a Calorie Counting World,” he writes:

Melissa Waters, a Nutrition Coach with a BS degree in Dietetics, emphasis in Holistic Health from San Francisco State University analyzed the research data. She reported when comparing the body-fat-reducing results of Sprint 8 with burning calories from exercise, you can do Sprint 8, 20 minutes three-times-a-week — OR — get the same results by doing cardio at 75% intensity for three-hours-a-day, SEVEN-days-a-week. (Campbell, Sprint 8 Cardio Protocol, 2016, p. 20).

Campbell also explains how Sprint 8 acts to preserve the length of our telomeres, shown to be related to health and longevity. At the cellular level, telomeres protect our chromosomes.

Campbell also explains how to double endurance capacity where we physically feel the extra energy boost that comes from this type training. This happens in just six sessions by increasing the number of mitochondria, which are called the nuclear power plants of the cells. Mitochondria produce energy in the body, and Campbell explains how to have more energy:

The formula is simple. If you want more energy, you need more mitochondria. The good news is you don’t have to have some genetic alteration overseas to get more mitochondria.  In fact, you can create more for free. Sprint 8 will significantly increase the number of mitochondria in your muscle cells in a short time frame. (Campbell, 2016. p.89).

Campbell explains exactly how to start the Sprint 8 Cardio Protocol and how and when to use it during your fitness training.

There is more on Campbell’s new book at www.sprint8book.com.  

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