Eight Pines Securities LLC Cooperates with Genepax, New energy vehicles will become the mainstream in the future

The problem of resource depletion has been intensified in people more and more attention to environmental protection and today, new energy has become the best choice for mankind. The main energy problem facing mankind is oil depletion, compared with coal and other resources, the oil problem is the most worthy of attention, because oil is an almost irreplaceable resources. If you continue to use oil in accordance with the speed of development, in the next 100 years, the planet’s oil resources will all be depleted.

Faced with this situation, as the largest consumer of oil products – the car has become the first transformation of the target. Now more and more enterprises to develop new energy vehicles, Japan, the United States and other countries have been the first to introduce a pure electric new energy vehicles to more environmentally friendly, energy-saving way to curb oil consumption. As a well-known securities investment company, the company also in the new energy research, recently, with the company Genepax cooperation, is committed to research the most advanced new energy vehicles.

Founded in the United States in 2010, the company has been in China for six years. As a securities company, Barkson has a professional business standards and team, and as a business, the company is more concerned about the social, people’s livelihood and the environment as its mission.

From the beginning of the establishment, the company in the new energy, medical and other fields of concern, and has many times with the field of industry leaders to cooperate and fulfill their social responsibilities. This time, the company once again send new energy field, and Genepax company reached a cooperation, the two sides will be in the next three years to jointly develop new energy using clean cars.

“The future of new energy vehicles will become mainstream!” A person in charge of the company said, “We start from 2011 concerned about the new energy field, not just cars, including industrial, agricultural and many other new energy We believe that cars as a necessity in people ‘s daily life, and today’ s automotive new energy technology is developing rapidly, from the start to achieve faster target. “In fact, the company ‘s cooperation with Genepax, not only In order to develop the latest energy technology, but also to fulfill its social responsibilities. For the eight pine, a business should not only focus on one area, but should be in many aspects of common development.

From securities to new energy, the company’s “cross-border” move, it is now many companies lack. Interlaced if the mountain is not false, but if it is able to cooperate with professionals, is bound to help enterprises achieve more rapid development. In the future, the company will continue to focus on providing high-quality services to the financial circle, and will continue to pay attention to other areas, and choose the right areas to invest in the fulfillment of social responsibilities, but also for their own development Lay a more good foundation.

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