Gronek Records Releases Debut Full-Length Studio Album: Now Available On iTunes

January, 2017: Gronek Records has proudly announced the release of ‘The Pursuit.’ The full-length studio album is the debut album by Dalton Grados. Released on November 7th, 2016, the album is a unique creation by the rising artist who has put in two years of hard work and dedication to create this musical masterpiece. The album is available on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify.

The Pursuit is a superb electric blend of Dalton’s original songs. The lyrics and energy in the music have brought a new taste to the jukebox, and the increasing number of downloads online is a testimony to this. Each song is full of emotionally charged authentic lyrics and catchy melodies that present a unique listening experience.

“AMAZING album! Can’t wait to hear more!” said Jakub Cuomo in his five-star review on iTunes. The overall user feedback has been phenomenal and music lovers are enjoying Dalton’s work to the fullest. The comments and reviews/ratings on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify have inspired the artist to continue pursuing his dreams with even more passion and energy.

There are eleven tracks in the album available on iTunes. The first track is Dalton’s radio released single, ‘I Will Run After You.’ Other popular tracks include ‘Death of Me’, ‘You Are Loved,’ ‘Thinkin’ Wrong,’ ‘What Am I Here For,’ ‘Get Away,’ etc. In each song, the artist has put his heart and soul to work to create a unique and exceptional experience for the listener. Followed by the successful launch of The Pursuit, Gronek Records will soon be announcing tour dates and details of its upcoming projects with Dalton.  Dalton is also actively documenting his endeavors on his YouTube and Instagram accounts. 

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Company Name: Gronek Records
Contact Person: Dalton Grados
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