Magic Wrapp, an innovative self-adhesive fabric designed for simplicity and versatility, has recently launched its newest product: the Travel Wrap. This product provides ultimate comfort for long plane rides or quick naps in the car. 

Since the launch of Magic Wrapp’s Kickstarter Campaign, the team has been fervently working to develop new designs utilizing this self-adhesive fabric. This unique fabric is the newest replacement for traditional hook and loop fasteners. The team has transformed this material into wristbands and ankle braces to support joints.

In this bustling society, everything is seemingly fast paced and life revolves around work. Sleep is often the first thing people cut out of their daily routines. The optimal time to squeeze in a nap is during travel, like a long car ride or on flights. However, the uncomfortable sleeping positions result in neck pains and aches.

Magic Wrapp’s newest Travel Wrap provides support for the neck when traveling. Unlike normal neck pillows, this device is compact and lightweight, easily storable in a purse or suitcase. The Travel Wrap wraps around the headrest of the seat and fits across the chin. In doing so, Travel Wrap offers more security than a neck pillow, guaranteeing a comfortable body position. 

Made from soft material, Magic Wrapp set out to design a product that has both functionality and comfort. The fabric is non-irritating, suitable even for those with sensitive skin. As a self-adhesive fabric, it only sticks to itself. Other surfaces will not be damaged, and people don’t need to worry about the Travel Wrap pulling at their hair. In addition to comfort, the cloth is completely quiet, so it won’t disturb a sleeping neighbor. 

The Magic Wrapp team continues to develop and improve their current designs to serve the everyday consumer. They strive for comfort, ease of use, quietness, and multi-functionality. Travel Wrap changes the way people nap on-the-go, serving as a solution to unnecessary neck or back pain.

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