Peter Pitchford Is Making Magic Happen Coast To Coast

Magician Peter Pitchford enchants audiences with his unique and engaging illusion and sleights of hand. Available nationwide, his performances lift the spirit of his audiences and make events memorable and fun.

Bringing corporate or private events to life, magician Peter Pitchford of Magic By Manipulation ( injects wonder and levity into every performance, engaging with audiences and using his unique talents to wow crowds and create memorable experiences.

“I bring success to social hours, breakout sessions, banquets, and meetings. My brand of entertainment allows clients to unwind and enjoy themselves amid the stress of work and life,” Pitchford says.

Pitchford, a master at sleight-of-hand tricks and techniques, has won twenty-two awards for his performance and magic skills, including: First Place US Champion of Magic, the Houdini Award for Cabaret Magician of the Year, and the Hofzinser Award for excellence in manipulation. In addition, Pitchford is able to travel cross-country with his magic act, offering services far beyond his Philadelphia-area home territory.

Pitchford is known for dispelling tired tropes about magicians pulling rabbits out of their hats and offering boring, samey performances that leave audiences yawning. He focuses on delivering interactive and engaging experiences that enchant and entrance audiences through his use of a character he created specifically for his act.

“I break stereotypes of what a magician is. Most people think of a hack with stale jokes and a bunny rabbit. But I have developed a character who is the antitype of the slick hair and sequined jacket guy surrounded by dancers,” Pitchford says. “I bring a character that people can identify with.”

Creating that sense of identification is central to Pitchford’s act as he often moves off the stage or out of the performance area to engage his audiences directly with face-to-face magic feats and sleights-of-hand. In what he calls, “Mingle Magic”, Pitchford will often mingle directly with guests giving them an up-close and out-of-the-box perspective on his mind-blowing magic ability – even right in front of their eyes.

“I am a savage sleight-of-hand scamp,” Pitchford says. “So much so, that it caused one audience member to exclaim mid-show, ‘You’re a flexible finger flicking freak!’.”

Understanding that orchestrating corporate and private events – large and small – is often fraught with challenges, Pitchford’s services come as a full package. He handles all of his own needs and arrives ready to deliver an hour-long show that leaves audiences refreshed, renewed, and reinvigorated, without causing needless stress for the event organizer.

“I travel the US bringing my magic to a multiplicity of venues,” Pitchford says.” I have worked large theaters like the Canton Palace Theatre, casinos like the Tropicana in Atlantic City, small theatres like South Street Magic in Philadelphia, off-Broadway productions like Monday Night Magic, and even people’s homes.”

Bringing audiences joy and creating a fun, stress-free experience that engages and delights audiences, Pitchford is committed to connecting his audiences to their inner sense of mystery and fascination with the world through magic.

“I bring back the wonder and mystery that most people forget,” Pitchford say.

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