Modern Living with kathy ireland® and Pirelli Tires Spotlight How To Strike The Optimum Balance Between Performance, Safety and Fuel Efficiency

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LOS ANGELES, January 3, 2017 — Modern Living with kathy ireland® announces an exclusive interview with Chief Commercial Officer of Pirelli Tires LLC, Riccardo Cichi, who introduces the company with, “When it comes to tires for your vehicle, unqualified safety is the number one criteria you must provide. However, tires play a central role in many aspects of your vehicle’s overall performance and appearance, and each situation and driver has different needs and expectations.”

“At Pirelli we seek to strike the optimum balance between performance, safety and fuel efficiency. This requires an ongoing, heavy investment in R&D to ensure we push the boundaries of technology, safety, style and sustainability,” adds Cichi.

As an industry leader in safety and performance for more than 140 years, Pirelli Tires brings a wide range of offerings to the market to meet the needs of every driver. The company strives to provide tires that ensure optimal performance as the best tires available. Pirelli’s unparalleled success in this area is demonstrated in its selection for 8 JD Power Awards and 2 Best Buy Awards from Consumer Digest.

Vice President of Programming of Modern Living with kathy ireland®, JL Haber, observes, “Our viewers are impacted by the need for safe and sustainable technology related to our vehicles. Pirelli Tires provides a great example of innovative products in a responsible and manner with no compromise in performance and quality.”

Tune in to see Pirelli Tires on into Bloomberg International on Sunday, January 8, 2017 at 2:30pm HKT or click here for the full interview.

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