Modern Living with kathy ireland® Spotlights Loehmann’s Unique Online Shopping Experience

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(Los Angeles, CA, January 3, 2017) – Modern Living with kathy ireland® announces an exclusive interview with the executives of Loehmann’s, a leading fashion marketplace that has built and maintained a trusted, loyal following since 1921. During the feature story, Kathy Ireland interviewed co-presidents Andrew Sole and Elisabeth Wadsworth. 

Mr. Sole started by talking about some of the main challenges brands and retailers are facing when it comes to staying relevant with customers. He said, “All brands and retailers today are trying to stay relevant with their customers in light of the changing customer profiles and technology. We know that Millennials will shop and price compare and look at brands very differently than the Baby Boomers. In terms of the technology, people will shop and look at brands and price check very differently. Customers have very busy lives. There is not enough time in the day. It is important to be online and be available 24/7 to them.”

Elisabeth Wadsworth discussed how Loehmann’s addresses and overcomes these challenges. She said, “Because we are purely online, we can be more nimble with the brands that are working and the brands that are not. is open 24/7. We are focused on building a unique customer experience. We want to make sure that no matter how she is shopping with us or the time of day, that we are creating a win situation for her. So we want to always have trusted brands on the site, free shipping, easy returns, and great prices.”

Over the years, Loehmann’s has undergone multiple ownership changes, and recently re-emerged as an online discounter, bringing customers the same bargains with the convenience of the web. The same spirit that Loehmann’s had since 1921 is still very much alive in their extensive selection of deeply discounted designer merchandise. For 93 years, Loehmann’s has given savvy shoppers the edge on designer goods by delivering the same department store fashion for 30%–65% less, every day. With a newly expanded offering and over 1400 of the best brands in fashion, Loehmann’s is still one of the leading fashion marketplaces in the business.

Modern Living with kathy ireland® Vice President of Programming, JL Haber added, “Loehmann’s has stood the test of time and is continuing to show competitors how to evolve to remain relevant.”

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