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(Los Angeles, CA, January 3, 2017) –  Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® announces an exclusive interview with Ken LeBlanc, CEO of MRKTSERV Holdings,  a company that is implementing an innovative strategy for providing the automotive parts and service industry with cohesive end-to-end web applications.

Mr. LeBlanc introduces his company with, “The perception of many users is that what happens on their phones and computers to complete a shopping transaction is all electronically driven. However, much of that process in the automotive industry today is manual, and we provide an end-to-end solution for automating those increasingly important online shopping functions.”

LeBlanc adds, “Our industry has always been store-based and has always relied on traditional marketing and advertising techniques. We are helping thousands of those retailers, service providers and vendors transition to a web-augmented model.”

MRKTSERV Holdings Divisional VP, Bart Noyes, comments, “We are able to exponentially expand the offerings and inventory of the individual retail location through our Internet operations. This allows that retailer to better meet both the expressed and unexpressed needs of their customer. This provides a more engaged customer and the potential for more revenue.”

Headquartered in Rolling Meadows, IL, MRKTSERV Holdings is comprised of a team of top market professionals that possess decades of experience in the automotive parts and service industries. The firm is committed to providing the most innovative and interactive e-commerce solutions for the current and future challenges the automotive parts and service businesses are facing.

MRKTSERV Holdings is comprised of three core companies that focus on driving online automotive solutions for retail and business-to-business environments.  First, MRKTSERV delivers retail operational management support and ecommerce solutions for both B2C and B2B environments.  Second, Vendor Network handles Marketplace Management for sellers, and offers a Partnership Network of installers and service providers to deliver connectivity, end-to-end, across the retail landscape.  Third, Shopper Outlet provides retailers with a comprehensive approach to content management, delivering unique content and offering marketing services that include SEO and PPC management.

LeBlanc ends his comments with, “We are privileged at MRKTSERV Holdings to be assisting our industrygo through this transformative process to better serve the automotive customer.”

Vice President of Programming for Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, JL Haber, comments, “The automotive industry is one of our economy’s most significant sectors. The innovative concepts of MRKTSERV Holdings that seek to automate and streamline the automotive supply and service segment are extremely comprehensive. This interview will be of special interest to our viewers.”

Tune in to see MRKTSERV on Bloomberg International at 7:30am GMT on Sunday, January 8, 2017. The full interview can be seen by clicking here.

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