Newport Internet Marketing Geek Shares The COOLEST Guide To Online Privacy

Web Hosting Geeks has presented the most engaging guide on online privacy that zeroes on best practices for digital privacy at present, related laws, lessons to learn from mistakes made by top shots and practical advice on applying the best practices on online privacy

Newport Beach, CA, January 3, 2017: The great Marlon Brando was just so right when he remarked –“Privacy is not something that I’m merely entitled to, it’s an absolute prerequisite”. Since time, immemorial privacy has been a major concern and it’s more of so in the contemporary digital genre when internet has led us the mass exposure of our personal data. The unwanted rise of cybercrime today is much facilitated by this easy widespread exposure of personal information that calls for serious awareness about protection of privacy urgently. The good news is that a Newport-based internet marketing geek Dmitry Nekrasov has come up with the coolest guide on digital privacy that offers a clear hang on the various facets of online privacy impacted by the arrival of the internet.

Entitled as “How the Digital Age is Impacting Our Personal Privacy”, the guide is published on Nekrasov’s website Web Hosting Geeks. It focuses on the whole sphere of digital privacy and how it’s affecting our internet usage & how it has finally seeped right into our lives.

“The notion of privacy is as ancient as history yet online privacy is something new in this modern digital age. Our guide approaches the issue of privacy from a new viewpoint and delves into what ways privacy & privacy rights are developing in legal and social manner. We have touched on the point that how our online personas, our very social identity and personally identifying data are getting free for everybody out there due to internet”, stated Nekrasov, a noted contributor to the geek community.

The guide zeroes on all the major points related to digital privacy-

  • It presents an extensive overview of best practices for digital privacy at present.
  • Different laws which impact implementation of privacy solutions & protection of user data.
  • Mistakes made by big companies regarding user privacy and the hefty cost that they had to pay.
  • Practical Advice on applying current ideas & concepts on website & mobile apps to ensure user-centric privacy-enhanced ux.

What separates Dmitry’s guide from other articles on online privacy is that the write-up has taken an entertaining and engaging approach which is fun to go through, while being comprehensively informative.

“We know there are tons of similar articles out there but most of them are usually laden with technical jargons and are not exactly becoming to read. But at Web Hosting Geeks we prefer to do things differently and hence our online privacy guide has been presented in a breezy entertaining fashion so that you love to get along with the flow- and yes, all that has been done with 100 percent commitment to quality information. Our goal here is to make more and more people aware about online privacy without getting too technical with the presentation so that it becomes easier to grasp the suggestions.”

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