New Premium Laundry Bag Now Available On Amazon With A Discounted Price

Premium Plus Quality Laundry Bag, 2 Strong Shoulder Straps, Large Size 36×24″, Better than Commercial Grade, Ideal for College Dorm, Carry Backpack, Home, Laundromat Basket, and Travel

A new laundry bag which has gained huge exposure around the USA has been launched on Amazon by The Fine Living Company USA ( It was designed to provide consumers with an easier way of transporting their laundry to and from a self-service laundry or to their washing machine. Since being launched on Amazon, it has gained five-star reviews and to celebrate its success it is now available at a discounted price.

The Premium Plus Quality Laundry Bag is made with better than commercial grade material and is currently being used by professional laundry and dry cleaning companies. It comes with two strong shoulder straps which make the carrying of laundry easier and with a size of 36×24 it provides more room than the average laundry bag. 

One of the reasons for the products huge success on Amazon and other shopping platforms is the quality of the product and the price. The product with its quality material is made to last and with the normal retail price of $31.99 it’s a quality laundry bag that comes with a remarkably affordable price. However, to celebrate the success of the Premium Plus Quality Laundry Bag, The Fine Living Company USA has decided to offer consumers a limited discounted price, which means the product is now available for $18.97 with free shipping on orders over $49

A spokesman for The Fine Living Company USA said: “We decided to provide the discounted price to say thank you to our customers for making our laundry bag such a huge success. The discounted price is for a limited time only and once the promotion is over; it will go back to its normal retail price.”

The designers of the laundry bag have thought about the requirements of the consumer and what they need out of a laundry bag to make their life easier. They have made it bigger, and easier to handle, with stronger material. They have also provided a flat round bottom that allows the laundry bag to stand up, which provides a perfect storage solution. It also comes with zipped side opening, which makes it easier for loading and unloading and is the perfect product to take away while traveling.

Ant Dog a customer who bought the laundry bag on Amazon said: “I love having this laundry bag because of the size and sturdiness and it beats hauling 30lbs of heavy clothes to the cleaners in a thin trash bag which always bursts at the bottom before I get in the door.”

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About Premium Plus Quality Laundry Bag

The Premium Plus Quality Laundry Bag is used by professional laundry companies due to the quality of the product and the extra room it provides.

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