Alex Paterakis Aims To Make Illinois Prosperous Once Again As Aspiring 2018 Governor Candidate

Promising engineer, entrepreneur Alexander Paterakis has declared his intention to run for 2018 Illinois Gubernatorial race and he aspires to be the true leader that the State citizens have been looking for to make Illinois a prosperous State once again.

Chicago, IL, Jan 3rd, 2017: Talk about a corrupted political space in the US today and Illinois ranks high with 4 of her last 7 Governors ending up in jail. The State is in dire need of major reform to restore back her former glory and Illinois citizens are eagerly yearning for a true leader. But amidst all the political mayhem which has brought down the State’s reputation, a young engineer and rising entrepreneur Alexander Paterakis has taken oath to change his beloved State for better as an aspiring Illinois Governor. The young Democrat has already declared his intention to run for 2018 Illinois Gubernatorial race to potentially replace the incumbent Governor Bruce Rauner, to help his fellow citizens with the true leadership that they have been looking forward to for so long.



The 29-year-old certainly deserves kudos for his indomitable courage and judicious step to bunk his party’s “handpicked” candidates and taking matters into his own hands to help the State he loves.

“It’s not about Republicans and Democrats but it’s about the RIGHT person who only has the best interests of Illinois and fellow citizens in heart. It’s only that person who will pro-actively work to make our beloved State a better place to live in” remarked Paterakis who is deeply inspired by JFK’s famous quote that urges people to accept the responsibility towards the future betterment of the nation.


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A Structural Engineer from Purdue University, Alex is also an entrepreneur and small business owner. Born in 1987 in Skokie, he has been a resident of Illinois his entire life and hence has witnessed both the good & bad the State has had to offer. The unlawfulness and disorder as observed in recent Illinois scene have left him deeply upset and this promising young fellow has taken up the baton to clear the mess and address the problems by joining the race for Illinois Governor in 2018.



“It’s deeply disappointing that Illinois politics is synonymous with corrupted politics now. The growing debt, soaring taxes and shrinking middle class are all contributing to the further damage of our State and the worst part is that the Republicans and Democrats running this state have only supplied band-aids to these menaces, instead of helping with some real meaningful solutions. We just cannot continue with this ‘business as usual’ and rather should seek actual reform which would create jobs, raise the wages and protect education. I am here to change how ‘business’ is being done in Springfield so that the great State of Illinois can be empowered as a better and prospective place for our future generations.”

He aspires to be that leader who won’t shy away from challenging and complex problems but rather beat them with effective solutions.

“Come on Illinois, we all need a strong and judicious leader who will not tolerate the sacrifice of the hard earned money of the Illinois tax-payers.”

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