New-Age B2B Sales Software Xenleads Helping Businesses With Unmatched Lead Management

New B2B sales software XenLeads has assured to help businesses with streamlined sales process with its unrivalled lead management capacity. The software has also promised easy inventory management, marketing and Lead Reporting.

Phoenix, AZ, January 3, 2017: Do you know 80% of marketing leads are ignored, discarded or lost? Lead management forms the lifeblood of a successful sales process and any mis-step here defines serious loss of clientele and sales. But here comes the good news, new-age B2B sales software XenLeads has arrived to help businesses with “unmatched” lead management which has enhanced lead generation volume for its users by a whooping 4x!

“XenLeads has conveniently centralized our ability to keep tab on information and it has also empowered our managers which has consequently revitalized our whole sales team and enhanced our volume of lead generation by over 4x!”, stated a happy XenLeads user.



“We are pleased to bring to you our state of the art B2B sales software XenLeads which is powered with superior and unrivalled lead management capacity. It aims to streamline your sales process with a centralized lead management that will manage all the leads in one convenient location. Then, it will allow you to access your referral or reseller partners easily & extend them their own platform. And yes, we have armed Xen with advanced Lead Reporting capacity based on data analytics which will take to various reports & dashboard to track the leads”, stated Rob Polak, the CTO of XenLeads.

The advanced software is able to help clients with customized workflow creation as per their specific sales processes for all their sales channels. It comes with industry-leading VOIP program that can record and track all the calls made to clients as well as can monitor and review all calls made by user’s sales team. It just takes one click with Xen to track the status of all leads.

“XenLeads is about premier lead management and much more”, Polak added in while approached further on their new B2B sales software. The other important functions facilitated by the software are:

  • Effortless deal management– as the user gains a deal from his lead, the software will help him with easy management of products, tickets & related data.
  • Easy inventory management– Xen would support users with easy inventory addition and uncomplicated tracking of related data and costs.
  • Ticketing and operations management -Xen makes ticketing & operation needs management easier by taking them into one single place.
  • Robust marketing support– The software comes with phone dialer tools and campaign management system to support users with easy marketing.
  • CRM functionality– users would be able to manage all their CRM needs in one convenient location.
  • Administrative tools– Xen is bustling with a versatile range of administrative tools that will help the users to create & manage campaigns, export & import the client data and manage the user groups & permissions.

There are custom pricing plans so that the users can have a preferred pricing as per their specific needs. XenLeads is offering a 30 day trial for free.

To avail the free 30-day trial of XenLeads, visit

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