Media-shy Entrepreneur (22) appointed as the Founder of Historical Breakthrough

LOS ANGELES, LA – 1/4/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Invention of 2010s can change scientific laws from scratch. A boat on wheels has gradually taken form after years of research on a deserted island south in Norway, and will completely outperform the way we run at water today.

A previous Stavanger-based company, InSvivia stood opposed to the mindset of every naval architect and marine engineers. The result is a view of something nobody has seen before. The technology conflicts with all existing principles into a technical knockout of current speed limits and resistance in water.

The Old Type of Scientist is back

We hear it time after time – An entrepreneur innovating something. What is the invention? – “An app.” What happened with the good old inventors and scientists that made physical laws, scientific revolutions and historical breakthroughs?

Among Connect Norway, Ipark, ship-model tanks, DNV and elite of the yacht capital Monaco, InSvivia and InSvivia Technologies is part of a network of innovation organizations and international expert groups.

Homemade Laboratory

An International Patent Publication exposes significantly protection of the invention in name of a possibly founder, where experimental results back the inventive step of the very abstract patent claims.

The company plans a 24 feet Pilot for an upcoming season, probably in third quarter of the year, and is looking for investors. Arabic sheikhs and Chinese businesses were reportedly open for acquisition without compatible prospectus for the future.

All-Time Breakthrough

The gyroscopic spin of the wheel bodies resists wave impacts for making high speed more directionally safer and comfortable than possible today.

The “Forced hydroplaning” lifts heavy displacement and big loads steerable up to hydroplaning positions in control of regulative spin-velocity. Less fuel, more speed, comfort and security is only some of the analysis-backed benefits made by an original mobilization of boat life.

Anonymous CEO & Founder

The science verified by physical model tests and further optimized by “Computational Fluid Dynamics” (CFD), exploits the power in a smarter way of distribution, where leading international specialists have done a comprehensive analysis-process to explore it.

Despite extensive researching involvements and cooperation, sources report that the uneducated young man Ivan Nilsen (22) actually is the unknown constructor and scientist that can adorn new physical laws. Our press team is not able to reach the founder. His reticent advisors call it speculations.

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