MediNails announce OnychoTest the first DNA home Test for Fungal Nails

SIGNAL MOUNTAIN, TN – 1/4/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Toenail fungus is the largest fungal epidemic in the world affecting 35 million Americans alone and nearly one billion individuals worldwide. There are hundreds of fungal organisms that can be involved, but there is only ONE highly accurate advanced DNA home self test on the market- the MediNail OnychoTest (  OnychoTest covers over 2000 fungi and 3000 bacteria instead of just the 30 or less organisms that medical office culture tests cover.

Why is this so important? First, psychologically people feel horribly embarrassed with this potentially disfiguring nail disease.  Next, nail fungus in certain individuals with diabetes and or neuropathy can lead to foot ulcers, foot infections and even amputations. Regrettably, many private insurance carriers will not pay for this particular DNA screening testing. Also, it is collectively estimated among all medical specialties that less than 10% of all physicians even know about this multi organism self DNA test.

You must take immediate control of any potential fungal nail infection to prevent what can be a lifetime of fungal toenails.

If you suspect your nails are too thick, too painful or too discolored consider the OnychoTest.  Simply clip, collect and ship the nail samples to MediNail using an at home testing kit. Within 3 weeks an initial report will be available to inform the client of his or her results. The client may choose to see a local medical professional or choose from one of over 600 podiatrists nationwide who are using DNA testing in their practices.  Anyone can download the special OnychoTest form online at  and send in a sample of their toenails in just a few minutes. 

Home DNA self testing is creating a revolution in the accuracy of detection, the consideration of biofilm and identification of nail fungus.

For More information on OnychoTest ( or Medinail contact Dr Robert Spalding or Sheryl Morgan at 423-805-7966 or email at

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