Worldwide Emerging Trend of Drama to Embrace New Technology in the Stage

“Mary Poppins Drama VS The Three Body Problem Drama”
Lotus Lee Drama Studio Brings “The Three Body Problem Drama” to US Audience

Nowadays, new drama trend is emerging swiftly in the worldwide slowly but surely. New concept drama, which is defined as drama which embraces both traditional concept as well as new technologies to represent to the audience, is gradually conquering over the traditional drama. Now, it is the start of new artistic development in US where theater is crossing the orthodox boundaries. Traditional dramas like Mary Poppins, The Lion King are some of the highest grossing traditional dramas. Though, wind is now blowing in different direction as new concept drama like “The Three-body Problem Drama” by Lotus-Lee Drama Studio is making its presence count. 

It is time to greet new concept dramas along with holding the hand of significant traditional theater values. Within the development of new technologies and the changes of audiences’ taste, more theaters are now embracing latest stage technologies to provide the most stunning experience to spectators and optimize the interaction with audience. Therefore, new concept dramas have been developed which are loaded with the most advanced technologies in the stage, such as 3D technologies and other eye-popping concepts are entering more effectively in hearts of audience worldwide. In addition, the new concept dramas also solve the problem of traditional drama for the issue to tell the story in the stage with a better way.

The Three Body Problem Drama, as one of the represents of New Concept Drama has come to amaze the audience with its 3D science fiction concept Drama. The 3D stage drama brings epic scenes from the novel like “Red Coast Base,” “Guzheng Action” and “Proton Expansion” to life by employing cutting-edge stage technologies, including as 3D mapping, lasers and UAV technology. It is glad that US audience could expect to see this creative stunning show very soon. Lotus Lee Drama Studio will bring this work to attend the Association of Performing Arts Presenters (APAP) conference in New York City, held on Jan 6-10.

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