New iOT infant wearable device allb will be a part of ‘CES 2017’

With the intention of launching allb in the US market within the first half of 2017, the new innovative infant care system will be attending ‘CES 2017’ in Las Vegas from 1/5/17 to 1/8/17, they will be showcasing the infant wearable device utilizing iOT technology at the allb’s booth Sands, Hall G – 52715 (Global Technology Marketplace) Tech West, Sands Hall G, ground floor. The small yet powerful device is intended for 0-24-month-old babies. It attaches to the baby’s diaper or waistband and relays health information to his or her family’s smartphones.

With its proprietary ‘Insight’ system, the small and convenient allb’ device has been designed to continuously monitor a baby’s skin temperature, sleep patterns and respiratory rate of babies for the prevention of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Its primary function is to monitor breathing, which is fundamental to avert the danger of SIDS, so if the baby stops breathing for more than 20 seconds, the breathing monitor sends both an audible alarm from the device and an alert to the smartphones of all connected family members. With the aim of helping as many babies and their families as possible around the world, the developers of allb are taking their device to new markets and the US is one of the one of the largest consumer electronics market in the world. Allb spokesperson explains: “We at ‘allb’ believe that babies are our future. So we want to research the best way to raise our babies. allb is developing every kind of product for smart infant care and the most important thing to us is that the babies are safe and comfortable. Our vision is to utilize the data gathered to give more helpful insights for raising your baby.”

Designed to be light and easy to use, the allb monitoring device is clipped the baby’s diaper or waistband with a secure yet comfortable clip. The data collected on the baby’s wearable device is delivered directly to a synchronized smartphone, and parents will be altered as soon as a drastic or sudden change occurs in the information. Furthermore, All data are converted to statistical values, managed and can be compared with the data of other babies throughout the world.

Allb has proven to be much more successful at preventing SIDS than other comparable devices, the spokesperson went on to say, “Unlike Owlet or Sproutling, which are similar wearable devices for babies, allb measures skin temperature, and respiratory condition, not heart rate and oxygen saturation, and detects and reports apnea that occurs before oxygen saturation drops, so that parents can take care of the situation more quickly. In one of the trials we conducted with a 6-month-old girl, allb detected a 3-second apnea.”

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allb is a new infant wearable device utilizing iOT technology developed by USA LA.

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