Art therapist, Sherri Jacobs, launches “The Illuminated Torah,” an adult coloring book based on the Hebrew Bible

Book offers sophisticated, yet simple images for coloring

Today, Sherri Jacobs, an artist and art therapist announced the launch of “The Illuminated Torah – A Complete Hebrew Bible Adult Coloring Book” for adults. The book offers 54 hand cut paper cut images relating to the entire Hebrew Bible. It also contains very simple designs that offer large spaces for coloring, which gives it an edge over other coloring books with intricate designs. It is filled with metaphorical images relating to the stories of the Hebrew Bible, and is designed to offer a soothing activity for adults seeking a creative outlet.

The book is available for purchase on at a discounted price.

“We live in a world filled with increasing levels of anxiety, impacting people of all ages. The rapid growth of the adult coloring book trend is perhaps a reaction to these unprecedented levels of anxiety we are witnessing in the mental health field. Individuals searching for healthy coping tools are really driving the market. While coloring books cannot replace the very important work that takes place in an art therapy session with a trained art therapist, they are certainly a healthy alternative to many negative choices people make to reduce their anxiety,” said Sherri Jacobs.

The Illuminated Torah is not just another adult coloring book with complicated and frustrating designs. It is a well thought out and themed art book highlighting elements of the Hebrew Bible, without any strong religious agenda. Coloring, an activity often associated with children, can be meaningful for adults, as it can activate both parts of the cerebral cortex, which control vision, fine motor skills, and coordination. As a result, it can also help adults reduce anxiety, and create a sense of calm.

“I find the book fascinating. My therapist recommended that I get an adult coloring book to reduce my stress level and my online search led me to it. I considered it above others because it is built on the Hebrew Bible, which is something I relate it a lot. It is amazing how the simple act of coloring in a book (with images I can relate to), can have such a significant impact on a person’s mental health. This is a brilliant idea I must say,” said Jill M, a customer.

The Illuminated Torah offers truly unique images. Owners of the book will most likely cherish their completed book, and use as a reference when engaging in study of the Hebrew Bible, as each image offers a metaphor, symbolic representation, and a few lines of explanation. This is currently the only coloring book of its kind, offering Illuminated images of the Hebrew Bible.

About Sherri Jacobs

Sherri Jacobs is an artist and registered art therapist based in Kansas City. She has spent the past few decades working in the mental health field with people of all ages. Sherri is the founder of Heartland Art Therapy, a licensed marriage and family therapist, a trained mediator, approved by the Kansas Supreme Court, and past president of the Kansas Art Therapy Association. Apart from her self-published adult coloring book, she also offers art therapy, marriage and family therapy, mediation, pre-marital therapy and corporate retreats in her private practice setting at the InterUrban ArtHouse.

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