Puercoin’s block chain finance brings about new wave for investment in China. The global strategy is about to be launched

Puercoin Group released “White Paper for Standard System Digital Currency” in Hong Kong on Nov., 9, 2016, achieving the innovative combination and application of “standard system” and block chain technology. As for the digital currency generated based on the anchorage of standard asset and encrypted digital assets, the standard system digital currency features stable value, distinct property right, public service and harmony & inclusiveness. It is further applicable as the exchange media of lots of digital assets and can facilitate digitalization of asset and token realization of digital assets and further give propel to the construction of ecological system for digital assets under the application scene of block chain.

On Dec., 9, 2016, Puercoin Group held “Summit Forum on Block Chain Financial Transaction in Guiyang” in Guiyang, China. The group promoted “chain block digital asset transaction market” and “digital currency global settlement, exchange and transaction system for digital currency” operated based on this platform. The system will realize conversion among Puercoin and other digital currencies, token and legal tender. Through cooperation with independent global digital asset operator over super node, the group has realized efficient function of digital asset interchange.


The group is the development and operation service provider of block chain technology application and digital asset. Its core business is to develop customized token application. That is, the group will realize digitalization of asset and generate “equity token” and “commodity token”, in which the former is to record various rights and assets including stock rights, creditor’s rights, securities, financial contract, integral, bill and currency through decentralized distributed general ledger agreement and also record the circulation of digital assets through e-contract while the latter indicates the commodity circulation after digitalization of commodity and generating token and the core application scenario for the block chain technology to associate the public with the enterprise. By linking the intelligent client side, the commodity token enables everyone to have his own genesis block and change the traditional commercial ecological operation system.

The group will reach strategic partnership with Silicon Valley and Supernode from London on Jan., 9, 2017 to practice decentralization of block chain and, technical opening and mechanism in building international consensus, and carry forward realizing the construction of block chain application and global ecosystem of digital asset. Through interconnection with supernodes in the world, Puercoin’s block chain will create various cooperation opportunities to provide convenience for global clients to realize circulation and investment of digital assets.

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