Kids Only Furniture & Accessories: One Stop Shop For All Kids\’ Furniture

From cradle to college: Complete solution for children’s furniture in California

Los Angeles, CA – January 5, 2017 – Kids Only Furniture & Accessories has announced a complete range of children’s furniture for kids of all age groups. It is a one stop shop for all of the children’s furniture, baby furniture along with furniture accessory needs in Los Angeles. The store offers a wide range of furniture including beds of all sizes, dressers, strollers, mirrors, chests, chairs, writing tables, bookshelves and bunk beds in Los Angeles.

“We offer an abundant variety of baby cribs, nursery furniture suites, kids’ beds and bedroom sets, bunk beds, daybeds, and just about all things kids’ furniture,” says Kevin Aghayan. “Besides the vast array of children’s furniture, we feature an excellent selection of complimentary accessories including strollers, rocking chairs, bedding, desks, storage benches and toy chests,” he adds.

From the first crib of a newborn baby to the bunk bed of freshmen students at college, the store provides the highest quality kids furniture at the most competitive and affordable prices in Los Angeles.  It offers a wide spectrum of products ranging from major brand names to locally manufactured children’s furniture to cater the needs of parents who want to give their kids a comfortable childhood at the most affordable rates in the West Coast.

Luxury brand nursery furniture such as the Venetian or the Chelsea Lifetime Crib as just two of the many examples of furniture offered by Kids Only. The family owned store and one-stop shop covers about 7000 square feet of children furniture and accessories. The exceptional products available have satisfied parents and customers who have recommended the store to many of their friends and families. For more than a decade, the store is offering discount children furniture in the LA area that caters the needs in every budget range and all the designs.

The website also features an informative blog that has helped a lot of parents in making the right choice for their kids. Mattresses of organic cottons are another major top-selling item on the list by Kids Only. These mattresses are perfectly designed to give the child a comfortable and healthy sleep that is much needed in the phase of growing up. The perfect spinal arrangement of these mattresses is designed according to the standards of the latest research and development. In addition, complete decor of the baby room and kids room is available for both male and female children that makes it easier for parents to arrange the rooms of their beloved kids.

Reviews and testimonials of the parents are exceptional for the store and the durable furniture that is also stylish and latest has been catering their needs for over a decade.

There is a long list of cities in which the stores of Kids Only operate and it is available on the website alongside a long list of furniture available including loft beds in Los Angeles.

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