Wireless Earbuds at CES 2017 sound awesome and have a simple recycle concept for its batteries

“Wireless in earphones with recycable batteries and the powerful signature sound of Degauss Labs debuted at CES 2017.”

At CES 2017 Degauss Labs are debuting a pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds that make a compelling case for cutting the cord to the phone. The Degauss Labs VICE headphones have an MSRP of $99 (and can currently only be found at www.degausslabs.com).

VICE enables a full 8-hour workday of wireless sound. Powered by VARTA batteries, Degauss believes them to extend playtime with up to 30% compared to many of the competitive products on market staying true to Degauss high quality signature sound.

Battery Ecology & Evolution

The VICE battery technology itself makes way for a smaller housing creating sizes of Bluetooth earphones not far away from what users have got used to with standard wired earphones, but this time around also containing 120mAh of rechargeable Li-ion battery capacity. The earphones are designed so that after their usage time can easily be opened and the battery can be taken out and recycled. VARTA has their own recycle plants but turning in the battery at a normal battery recycle station is also ok.

“Using high performance coin batteries from VARTA also makes the recycle process more simple. Many people don’t think about when the world is now moving to wireless there is going to be a big number of batteries out there needing recycling. It is our duty to make that process more simple,” says Nicolas Persson from Degauss Labs.

3-button microphone

Unlike the Apple® Airpods Degauss Labs have a built in 3-button microphone making it possible to control functions like play/stop, next track and vol up/down without activating Siri. 

CSR chipset supporting better sound

Degauss Labs VICE Uses the CSR aptX® a codec that has revolutionized the Bluetooth® Stereo listening experience by significantly reducing the bit rate without affecting audio quality or introducing latency issues. 

Availability & Pricing

Degauss Labs representatives say that VICE should reach the U.S and Europe in very limited numbers in December and larger numbers by beginning of 2017. As for pricing the VICE Earphones made for Android, iPhone® and Windows® Smartphones will be going for $99 (or 99€) including Free shipping in the US/ CAN and the European Union.

The product can be ordered online: http://www.degausslabs.com

An Unbeatable Return Policy

In order to have the best possible online shopping experience, Degauss Labs believe you need to have a World Class return policy. If you are not happy with your purchase for whatever reason, don´t worry, just return the earphones to them in 14-days and get your money back – No questions asked.


The Degauss Labs VICE launch can be reached through their website: http://www.degausslabs.com/earphones/vice

Media Contact
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Phone: +46705809920
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