Get More Legal Leads, Faster: Accelerated Law Firm Marketing

St.Petersburg, FL – January 3, 2017 – Technology is constantly changing the way we interact with the world around us, and if you aren’t keeping up, then you are already behind. Once upon a time, you would graduate from law school, hang a placard on a storefront downtown, and boom, you were in business, helping your community and shaping the future of our justice system. 

Now the way that you search for new clients has changed, mainly because of changes in the way clients search for you! Instead of asking a friend for a referral, checking the phone book for listings, or simply choosing the only attorney in town, prospective clients now have options and lightning fast resources for getting all the information they need to make a decision instantly.  

Getting your law firm in front of these motivated, educated individuals requires an online marketing strategy that gets results and gets them fast. Scott Baker, President of Mark My Words Media, an innovative law firm marketing agency, shares his insight on how attorneys can get the upperhand in an increasingly competitive field. 

“The key to a successful online marketing campaign is speed. Many attorneys start working with an online legal marketing firm and won’t see their first lead until 30, 60, or even 90 days in. By the time you start to see progress, you have already spent so much on your marketing program that it is virtually impossible to recoup your investment. We have eliminated that concern with a new, accelerated approach to attorney marketing.” 

Mr. Baker goes on to describe how his firm starts attracting new potential clients for law firms in as little as 2 weeks. “With 25 years of experience, we have gotten online marketing down to a science, and launch 100+ tasks for our staff to complete immediately upon signup of a new client. By streamlining and automating many of our processes and making smart choices early on, we can get more leads for our legal partners, faster than our competition.This means we can provide a quick return on your initial investment and steadily grow lead generation as the campaign matures.” 

To further assist you with kickstarting your leads, Mark My Words Media offers a free, high-conversion lead generation website to all new clients. “Our goal is to remove the obstacles that keep you from finding success online by providing you with all of the tools you need to accelerate your law firm growth. We provide the website, the content, and the leads, so you can focus on converting more leads and winning more cases. ” 

For a free consultation with an experienced law firm marketing specialist from Mark My Words Media, call (800) 243-2077.

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