Exciting Action Film “Slaves” Tackles the Compelling Topic of Child Sex Slavery

Each year, more than 700,000 children are ripped from their families, transported across national borders and forced to serve as sex slaves.  Although this is the fastest growing type of criminal activity in the world, few people understand the immense humanitarian toll it exacts on families and, especially, the children.  In an effort to raise awareness of this horrendous epidemic, film producers are about to expand their award-winning short film “Slaves” into a full-length feature film.

“Slaves” is about a Guatamalan politician Hector Vargas who hires a team of ex-Navy Seals to rescue his 12 year old daughter Adriana who has been kidnapped by sex traffickers.  As the rescue team pursues the kidnappers they run into resistance from low level criminals, ranking government officials and the global cartels that are investing in this profitable sex trade.

Originally shot as a short film, written and produced by Larry Coulter, and directed by Joel Juarez Sanchez, “Slaves” has racked up numerous awards including Global Shorts Winner 2016 and LAIFFA Winner. More importantly, “Slaves” exposes the violence and trauma that is associated with sex trafficking, compelling viewers to get involved in rescue and interdiction efforts. The upcoming full-length film of the same name will offer the same first class filmmaking as the short, but will provide a more emotionally involved storyline that spotlights the terrible consequences of human trafficking.

The film’s producers have partnered with Destiny Rescue, a leading anti-child trafficking organization.  Not only will part of the profits from the film go to Destiny Rescue as they battle to end trafficking around the world, but there will be information about how concerned viewers can assist in these efforts. Both Destiny Rescue and the production team for “Slaves” encourages the public to get involved in anti-trafficking efforts, especially during January, National Human Trafficking Awareness month.

The cast, crew and production materials are ready for filming, this project still needs financial assistance to launch.  In order to complete this film, the production team needs $325,000.  They have sponsored an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign that offers valuable rewards like Trafficking Awareness Bracelets, signed screenplays, digital downloads, posters, movie tickets, VIP tickets to the premiere, online Q&A with filmmakers, dinner with producers, on-set visits, movie props, an extra role in the film, or an Associate Producer credit.

To learn more about “Slaves” or to make a donation to this worthy project, please visit https://goo.gl/VPKCUv

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