Billy Lerner Announces More Effort in 2017 for His Charity Billy4Kids

Billy Lerner, President and CEO of iPark, recently had a press meet at his office in New York, where the focus was on his charity Billy4Kids. In a series of announcements, he pledged support for the cause of underprivileged children, promising more shoe donations in parts and townships of Ghana, Haiti, and Brazil.

As a part of his endeavors, Billy Lerner has worked with charitable organizations for varied causes for more than 20 decades. Obviously, the expectations were high when he announced his charity Billy4Kids. The organization has donated thousands of shoes so far to underprivileged children, and in his recent press meet, founder Billy Lerner assured more work for the current year.

Lerner’s team members thanked the press member for their continuous support for the cause and requested to keep business questions related to the parking industry and iPark away from the conversation. The publicist started by talking about the importance of donating shoes to underprivileged children, where she added that most of the children in underdeveloped countries miss on the basics of life, including good shoes. She assured that Mr. Lerner wants to reach more areas, but currently the focus is on Ghana, Haiti, and Brazil.

Billy Lerner, who was personally present at the event, expressed his joy for the amazing feedback that clients, patrons and normal citizens have given towards the project. He assured that the team is working on reaching a big milestone of 5000 within 2017, and for the same, they are looking for more help from ordinary people. He said that people can choose donate their shoes at different green boxes placed at all facilities of iPark and the organization is open to taking donations. He also added that he is working to aid organizations in logistical processes, so that more little lives can be impacted.

People can donate to the cause by checking the official website, or by simple wrapping their usable shoes in packets that can be donated directly to the charity, he added.

About Billy4Kids

Billy4Kids is a known 501C3 non-profit organization founded by entrepreneur Billy Lerner. The organization works for children who miss on the basic necessities of life, so as to prevent a lot of parasitic diseases borne in soil. Apart from donating shoes, the organization also ensures that the local charities get support, as needed, and so far, they have worked in countries like Ghana and Brazil, where the conditions of poor children remain a matter of worry and concern.

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