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KITCHENER, ON – 5 Jan, 2017 – Emailchecker.io is an email verification service provider that focuses on bulk email list cleaning and real-time email verification inside apps and web forms using their API or WordPress plugin. With years of experience and excellent customer satisfaction, Email Checker is recognized as a leading email verification service provider.

Email Checker can help you identify fake or invalid email addresses in your email list. No matter how large your email list is, leave it to the expert. By uploading a CSV file into their system, companies can verify their entire email list to ensure all dead, fake or spam email addresses are removed. After verifying, companies are left with a clean email list that can safely be sent email campaigns without worry of high bounce back or undeliverability rates.

With Email Checker’s simple API or WordPress plugin, they verify email addresses being entered into app or forms on websites in real-time. Companies that are worried about customers entering invalid email addresses should integrate Email Checker’s API or WordPress plugin so their customers receive an instant notification whenever an invalid email address is entered. This allows customers to correct it immediately and therefore provide companies with their correct email address.

Email Checker integrates easily with the most popular email delivery services, including Mailjet, MailChimp, Postmark, Mandrill and SendGrid. Integration with these platforms helps discover bad email addresses and ensure emails are never delivered to them again.

Their unique email validation service scans each email address over 17 different ways to check for its authenticity, guaranteeing a 97% deliverability rate afterward. In most case studies, the deliverability rate is actually closer to 99%.

Email list cleaning and validation is a must for every email marketer, so it is important to be careful when choosing a good email validation service. Emailchecker.io is considered by many to be the leading email validation service available and testimonials from their customers are enough proof to show the quality of their unique service.

Subscription, fixed and custom pricing options are available, allowing flexibility to ensure companies’ budgets can work with Email Checker’s service. For only $5, companies can trial Email Checker’s service and validate 500 email addresses.

To see Email Checker, please visit http://www.emailchecker.io

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