Ever get stumped in a conversation, not knowing what to say? 

Ever feel intimidated by peers or by members of the opposite sex? 

This book will guide you by showing you effective tips and strategies to help you improve your conversational skills, no matter what area of life or situation you are in. The secret to building and cultivating healthy relationships is through communication, not only being able to voice your thoughts, opinions make yourself understood, but also understanding what others are saying.

When the stakes are high, you will learn to be quick on your feet. Otherwise, you may lose a golden opportunity to leave a positive impression or secure a position of responsibility.

“Conversation is an art form, and these proven techniques stand above many other skills as you can now grab the attention of many,” states Ms. Davison.  Ms. Davison has years of experience teaching communication skills to professionals in the workplace.

In this book, you’ll find out how to:

  • Break the ice and help others feel comfortable around you
  • Build relationships by finding common goals and shared beliefs
  • Gain visibility in business situations in an unobtrusive, tactful way
  • Take control of a conversation when necessary
  • Leave a positive impression on your peers
  • Deal with adversity and problem colleagues
  • Approach someone that you’re interested in dating

Amazon author Sophia Davison answers all these questions in her new book

Conversation Tactics: Overcome Challenging Social Situations with these Easy to Apply Dialogue Techniques and Strategies and she’s giving away her new book to readers during her 5-day free book promotion from January 7th through January 11th, available only on Amazon.com at the Kindle Store.

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Your opinion matters!

Regardless of the field that you’re in, you’ll discover and learn valuable tips from Ms. Davison’s book on conversation tactics. You’ll want to share this book with colleagues, friends and family. 

Please help spread the word about Ms. Davison’s new book!

Amazon Kindle Site: http://amzn.to/2hW3LDF

About the Author: Sophia Davison is an authority on the subject of public speaking and verbal communication, having written many articles on the subject and consulting with corporations in North America.  She holds masters degrees in English literature and in education.

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