Canadian Rap Sensation, Shifty Eyes, Mixes Music and Inspiration In His New Single/Official Music Video, “Kings”

6 Jan, 2017 – Dynamic hip-hop star and lyricist, Shifty Eyes, proudly announce the release of his new single, “Kings” The new single will be available for download on iTunes. Shifty Eyes brings a dynamic rags-to-riches picture to his latest single “kings” using creative wordplays and complex metaphors symbolizing the struggles and pains to succeed in a demanding and unapologetic environment like the music industry.

“Kings” is a motivational pill for aspiring musical artists showing them how to keep their heads above the waters and rise up to success even in the toughest genre. The variations of energy throughout “Kings” create an exciting environment for the listener that does not become plain or dull. The gritty edge that sets the foundation of this track adds a lot of warmth and lofi sound that makes it old school in principle while still being relevant to today’s aura of music.

The single can be purchased on iTunes and viewed on YouTube.

“The bells on the instrumental coupled with the delayed drum sends displays an intricate flow pattern that Shifty Eyes embellishes on “Kings” – he hits the bars on off-beats which sounds remarkable and seemingly difficult for average artists. The distorted vocal on the hook is a rigid effect that differentiates itself pristinely from the hook – which is another subtlety in the engineering that makes Shifty Eyes’ team so effective when creating records,” says Carson Lee

He comments further, “This track exudes assertiveness in its attitude while bringing a positive message in its very underpinning – I highly recommend this track for hip hop fans. A boss mentality with a meaningful message never let anyone down!”

Shifty Eyes is an impressive artist with a unique ability to mix/master his own music to a studio standard, an untapped idea by most independent labels and artists. Shifty Eyes is a perfectionist in this regard and understands that every knob and tweak matters in producing great content for the highest expectations he reserves for himself.

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