Oregon Seismic: Leading Providers of Portland Seismic Retrofitting And Foundation Bolting to Help Prepare for the Next Earthquake

Portland, OR – The Portland area is due for a severe earthquake at any time, as it sits on top of the Cascadia Subduction Zone. The area has been given a high risk status by seismologists, who predict that the coming seismic event could cause considerable damage.  This is a particular concern for homes built before 1975, which often lack the foundation anchoring that would protect them from sustaining extensive damage, or even collapsing.

Oregon Seismic specializes in Portland seismic retrofitting and foundation bolting, offering its services to homeowners who value the peace of mind of knowing they live in a safer home, which would be better protected in the event of a Portland earthquake.

Molly Dumars, the company’s project coordinator, highlighted the importance of Oregon Seismic’s services, stating that “You can’t prevent earthquakes – but by getting your home anchored, you can prevent a lot of damage.”

A seismic retrofit of a Portland home built before 1975 also renders it eligible for earthquake insurance, for an additional level of protection.

Oregon Seismic takes pride in its exceptional professional service.  Oregon Seismic retrofits are completed to the highest technical standards and comply with FEMA, 2012 International Existing Building code (IEBC) and City of Portland prescriptive guidelines for residential structures.

To help Portland homeowners get a fair evaluation and accurate estimate of the cost for their home’s seismic retrofit and foundation bolting, Oregon Seismic is offering free evaluations of your home’s structural readiness to withstand a major earthquake.

Homeowners interested in scheduling a free evaluation can do so by either calling the company directly, or visiting its website.

To learn more about Oregon Seismic, please visit: http://www.oregonseismic.com/

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