ClickMSG: Get Right Into The Facebook Inbox And Steal Engagement With This Ultra Powerful Marketing Technology

ClickMSG lets users forget boring text-only messages and send graphical, eye-catching type of personal messages to right prospects on any click.

Good news for online marketers who have too much competition and lack of innovation. ClickMSG – a new powerful ad system messenger ads has been released to help users directly engage with people using Facebook.

With ClickMSG, users can just simply invent the content and appearance of Facebook Messenger ads like the way they are used to. They even get a live preview on the side, just like what Facebook shows them.

The system comprises three detailed steps that enable anyone can do it even a newbie with the first-hand experience in designing ads.

Step 1: Type out Graphical Messenger Ad on ClickMSG

Step 2: Churn out compatible JSON

Step 3: Paste into the Facebook ad page and run graphical messenger ads instantly.

Whenever people clicks on the ads, they see a personal message on Facebook as what marketers want to send. The message is seen 100% of the time, so marketers can type in any question and answer it in the same chat. Because people can select from instant responses to the ad message, marketers can have a direct line of communication with their target customers. Moreover, marketers can carry on conversations with the people who have clicked on your ad and convert every prospect into a buyer.

Facebook’s social impact has changed the way people communicate. Rather than having to reply to others through Emails, Facebook lets users broadcast or share content to others, and thereby to engage others or be engaged with others’ posts.

ClickMSG allows users to directly communicate with each other via Facebook using several different methods. Along with other Facebook features, users can adjust from whom they can receive a message including friends, family, colleagues or from anyone.

Some of the unique features of ClickMSG are as follow:

• Type out and invent Graphical Messenger Ads: Users need no any JSON programming to type and create their messenger.

• Live Preview: Users can preview and control the look of their ads on the screen of their prospects complete with their options selected. The system operates directly and takes no codes and syntax.

• Save and Retrieve Ads Anytime:  Users completely have abilities to manage the ads they create and retrieve them whenever they want in seconds.

• Use SAAS easily: anyone can master this application effectively by its easy-to-use function.

Also, ClickMSG allows users:

• Brings Facebook Messenger Ads within their grasp.
• Deliver a brand new type of personalized message to anyone who clicks on Facebook ads
• Promote offers, coupon codes, grab leads, make sales pitches, or anything else users want.
• An ideal way to create graphical Messenger ads with an image, call to action and even reply options
• Prospects get a customized immediate message right inside of their Facebook inbox as soon as they click on the Facebook ads

iClickMSGs designed for everyone, even a newbie with minimum exposure to FB ads. All users need is their smart marketing brain, and they will be pulling more targeted visitors than their competitors.

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