GarageFarm.NET Ltd launched It’s Shave and Haircut Render Farm

“Gorilla image render from GarageFarm.NET render farm.”
GarageFarm.NET Ltd has launched Joe Alter’ Shave and a Haircut support on their render farm to provide 3D artists even more options regarding their software of choice. The render farm also offers users $50 free credits when they register to test their farm with all features enabled, and without any commitment.

3D artists and studios are having a hard time looking for a decent render farm that fully supports Joe Alter’ Shave and Haircut plugin. Most online render farms support only a few popular software and plugins. This makes it difficult for artists and studios to find a farm that matches their specific needs.

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GarageFarm.NET Ltd, the most competitive cloud render farm, felt the need to support the specialized workflows that the 3D industry demands. The company announced today the launch of their Shave and a Haircut render farm integration, where customers can use the farm to render their 3d projects that use the plugin. GarageFarm.NET is also offering their customers $50 free credits to test their farm with all features enabled without any commitment simply by registering to the site.

They have launched their Joe Alter’ Shave and Haircut landing page: for users to register and get their $50 free credits. Their customers can also use this page to read testimonials, watch rendered videos and see some still images. The company is hoping that with this initiative, Shave and a Haircut users will have more alternatives and better options in rendering their projects.

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