Airwheel C6 motorcycle helmet at CES 2017 Show

CES 2017, the global biggest technology show, is going to kick off in Las Vegas on January 5th 2017. Of course, the technology companies from all over the world descend on the city to exhibit their latest gadgets and we also have a chance to catch a glimpse into our intelligent future.

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As one of these companies, Airwheel is now in a period of unprecedented development from the wheel electric scooter to two wheel electric bikes.

CES 2017 is a great platform to demonstrate its achievements to the world. Here is the Airwheel C6 motorcycle helmet we are going to talk about.

Airwheel CES 2017
The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) took place in Las Vegas next week from January 5th to 8th. Since this year marks its 50th anniversary, the show in 2017 is more bigger. CES has developed by more than 10-fold since its first exhibition.

Although the big technology companies like Apple and Google run their own events for the new products, consumer tech giants such as Samsung, Sony and LG introduced their latest innovations in CES. In the show, the most surprising products usually come from some small companies. This year at CES 2017, you can have the expectation of Airwheel C6 smart helmet.

Airwheel C6

Breaking with tradition, Airwheel C6 motorcycle helmet has adopted the advanced technologies. What you can expect from C6 is not only about safety, but also about the entertainment.

Introducing the next generation of helmets, Airwheel C6 smart helmet is a high tech helmet that is designed to add more pleasure and convenience by providing a bunch of intelligent features.

Airwheel C6

 did a good job of making this cool street bike helmet fit the shape and style. The plenty ventilation system keep C6 a cool motorcycle helmet even on warm days. Being able to catch the scenery on the road is so exciting in the dull riding. With the built-in camera in the front, C6 provides high-definition resolution pictures.

Speaking of the connection to the phone, it is available for C6 to display the music and to answer the phone. All you have to do is to push the button. More intelligent features of C6 can be experienced at Booth No.: Sands Fitness Hall, Level 2, 45730.

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