iPhoneBatteryCase.com Pledges To Double iPhone Battery Life, Provide Increased Fall Protection

Yahong Zhang, China – The most common complaint among iPhone owners is the phone’s short battery life. Despite iPhone technology advances, which promise extended iPhone usage for each new iPhone model, it appears that any changes made to current models have little effect on the matter. What’s more, as iPhones are a premiere smartphone choice for business professionals, a longer battery life is crucial for maintaining communication and using the phone’s multiple applications for daily, work-related tasks.

iPhoneBatteryCase.com took the pulse of the market and decided to come up with an iPhone case which would not only prolong the phone’s battery life, but that would also provide much-needed fall protection to safeguard the iPhone’s delicate hardware features.

The company’s line of iPhone cases promise to not only lengthen, but double the phone’s battery life, giving iPhone users the chance to make the most out of their phone’s features and capabilities. Additionally, iPhoneBatteryCase.com iPhone cases are tried and tested in real-life conditions, and are proven to act as a potent shield against internal and external damage, in the event of a fall.

Each iPhoneBatteryCase.com model is noted for its superior design, hand-held comfort and the lack of a lower, “bulkier” part, which is commonly associated with low quality iPhone cases.

Furthermore, to accommodate the needs of those who wish to use their iPhone while on the go, all iPhoneBatteryCase.com iPhone cases feature a built-in magnetic plate, which facilitate mounting one’s iPhone on any car dashboard.

Commenting on the success of iPhoneBatteryCase.com iPhone cases, Mrs. Yahong Zhang, the company’s media representative, stated that “We have managed to create an impressive range of iPhone cases, designed specifically for the iPhone 6; 6S; 6 Plus and 7. As we prioritize our clients’ satisfaction, we are committed to expanding our product range, to include more cases which will accommodate all future iPhone models, too.”

The company’s full iPhone case range can be viewed here.

To learn more about iPhoneBatteryCase.com, please visit: https://www.iphonebatterycase.com/

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