Guyton-Moore Strategic Services They with Silver Eyes Sequel Confirmed

Guyton-Moore Strategic Services LLC’s Publishing Division has confirmed a direct sequel to their best selling dark fantasy and tragedy “They With Silver Eyes,” by Paxton Gordon and Clarence G. Moore. There is no confirmation on the release date but, many will be relieved to hear the series will go on.

HAMPTON, GEORGIA – 9 Jan, 2017 – Guyton-Moore Strategic Services was astounded when the co-author and creator of “They With Silver Eyes,” Paxton Gordon, said she wanted to write a sequel after seeing how well received book was and retrieving a 4.8 out of 5 stars on amazon. Though there’s not much detail on the future sequel, the authors have decided that they will address the largest gripe against the book, promising that the sequel be a full length novel. Much longer than its novelette predecessor. After the tragic end of the first book we are unsure if we will see the C3 returning for another round or if we are going to see a brand new cast, either way fans are sure to be happy.

They With Silver Eyes,” was created by Paxton Gordon while she was in high school. The short story’s original name was The Excruciating Three and it focused around it’s three male protagonists Roster, Wolf, and Hawk. Paxton wrote as a relief from a tough school life. She felt empowered by her writing and continued on to write several other stories and poems. It wasn’t until Clarence G. Moore read the short story that the two decided to update it and genderswap the main casts. It was that change that gave us the Riya, Wolf and Raven we have come to know. It was also here that the book adopted its permanent name, “They With Silver Eyes”.

If you haven’t picked up your copy of  “They With Silver Eyes,” you can find your copy of this dark fantacy on for your kindle app at

Here’s an excerpt:

“There lives a civilization unknown by those outside of its existence. It cannot be located on any map or globe made by mortal men. It stands alone in a realm of pure chaos separated by god’s great divide, so that no temporal man of pure heart or willing mind would ever see its horrors. It is only known to those with crooked hearts and sinful lives as home. This realm, it has no name though those forced to live here call it Hell.”

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GMSS main branch will also hit the new year off with a bang taking on new clientele in the Georgia Education System and expanding the education consultation business.

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