Vision Paper Towel is offering eco-friendly towels and napkins using recycled materials

VISION PAPER TOWEL CO.,LTD is a specialized supplier of environment-friendly paper towels and napkins in distinct sizes. It ensures timely delivery of orders within fixed time.

People are now gradually shifting towards using eco-friendly products to retain the sanctity and purity of the environment. There are many companies that are involved in selling varieties of products utilizing re-processed raw materials. VISION PAPER TOWEL CO.,LTD is one such company which is specialized in manufacturing and exporting high-quality napkins and towels using recycled papers and other used raw materials of highest standards. The agency fully observes the philosophy of green development and low carbon economy while processing the used substances to manufacture towels and napkins of distinct patterns. The R&D team of this agency always emphasizes on providing the appropriate hygienic products depending on the lifestyles of the people. All these sanitized products help people to escape from severe infections in the mouth, hands and other areas of the body.

The firm is a recognized supplier of high-quality tissue roll papers in multiple sizes that are usually made of wood pulp of different colors. Such eco-friendly products usually avoid frequent replacement due to large rolls. These products are mainly used at home or in travelling for high portability and small sizes. Such products play a big role to promote a cost-effective sustainable lifestyle among people of all ages. The agency focuses on timely delivery of products in good conditions in any part of the world. Presently it holds more than 80 employees to easily meet the growing needs of clients within stipulated deadline. It plays a vital role to reduce pressure on the environment through offering products that are made of recycled wooden pulp. It has also established rapport with trusted distributors to procure higher grade of other raw materials.

multifold paper towels

The agency has become a reliable exporter of multifold paper towels that are primarily used in public places like hospitals, canteens, schools, cinema halls, hotels, and airports. Such paper-made towels can be folded into any shape to ensure convenience and comfort during the journey. These towels are usually made of waste papers of daily lives after going through the phase of rigorous processing. Such towels usually feature high thickness, high stiffness, and strong tensile force with adequate wet absorbing strength.

The company is also supplying different packs of C fold towels that are acquiring massive popularity all over the world. Such towels ensure thorough cleaning of hands and other parts of the body without leaving any trace of moisture. Such towels are also made of recycled papers that are normally manufactured from the wooden pulp after a series of processing under a controlled environment.


VISION PAPER TOWEL CO.,LTD is a specialized manufacturer and exporter of high-quality paper towels and napkins in distinct sizes.

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