World Tourism Development Introduced 2017 National Image Aircraft Painting – Top 10 List

01. China United Airlines – Create Dream

China United Airlines- Create Dream

The aircraft is operated by China United Airlines (CUA). Designed by IAIO-NARDO Aerospace lab, a pioneer in aviation innovation, the aircraft has been painted with patterns that incorporate Inner Chinese Sui and Tang Dynasties Art elements. The aircraft presents a picture of a serene Mongolian grassland view.

02. Air New Zealand – All Blacks

Air New Zealand – All Blacks

To celebrate its sponsorship for the New Zealand All Blacks, Air New Zealand turned one of it’s planes quite literally all black, with the trademark silver fern logo painted at the end of the plane. Since 2011 they have six planes painted black which are still in service today.

03. Singapore Airlines – Tropical Megatop

Singapore Airlines – Tropical Megatop

Singapore Airlines painted two Boeing 747′s in the late 1990′s in a paint job called the “Tropical Megatop” which was done to promote the airlines new first class and business class service. Unfortunately, one of these planes, Singapore Airlines flight 006, crashed in Taiwan on it’s way to Las Vegas, killing 83 people on-board. The other plane was immediately repainted afterwards and thus this paint job doesn’t exist anymore.

04. Austrian Airlines – Wiener Philharmoniker

Austrian Airlines – Wiener Philharmoniker

Vienna has been the starting point for some of the most critically acclaimed composers, orchestras, ballets and artists of all time. Their airline, Austrian Airlines, decided to show off their classical history by painting one of their planes with violins, bassoons, cellos and other various classical instruments as a tribute to the Vienna Philharmonic. It was painted in 2006 but unfortunately repainted a year later so this paint job doesn’t exist anymore!

05. British Airways – Golden Dove

British Airways – Golden Dove

To promote the London 2012 Olympics, British Airways held a contest to design one of its planes for the special event. Out of the many entries submitted, this was the winning design. It took 39 days to paint the Olympic dove. Golden feathers are decorated around the plane and even the jet engines are decorated gold. The logo, which is traditionally red and blue, is also painted gold.

06. Qantas – Wunala Dream

Qantas – Wunala Dream

Qantas decided to show off its countries aboriginal culture and heritage by painting its planes in traditional Aboriginal art. The first plane was painted in 1994 and 3 more have been painted since. A team of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal artists helped to create its extremely colorful designs.

07. Alaska Air – Salmon-Thirty-Salmon

 Alaska Air-Salmon-Thirty-Salmon

Alaska Air brought out a plane called the “Salmon-Thirty-Salmon” in 2005 (that’s a play on words for 737 which is the type of plane the airline decorated, a Boeing 737). It was done to celebrate the airlines unique relationship with the people and communities of Alaska and to also promote the state’s seafood industry. The plane was unfortunately repainted in 2011 to the dismay of many and after a year long outcry, the airline brought back the paint job in 2012.

08. Thai Airways – Royal Barge

Thai Airways – Royal Barge

To celebrate and honor the king of Thailand, Thai Airways painted three of its planes with the image of the two traditional royal barges, on either side. These traditional barges stretch from both sides of the plane and even have small people painted on them to add attention to detail as well as traditional Thai temples.

09. Malaysia Airways – Hibiscus

Malaysia Airways – Hibiscus

In 2005, Malaysia Airways decorated two of it’s Boeing 747′s with exotic designs based on red Hibiscus flowers. This was done because the Hibiscus flowers are the national flowers of Malaysia. Unfortunately the planes were repainted back to their old schemes in 2008 meaning that this awesome design doesn’t exist anymore.

10. Lufthansa – Football Nose

Lufthansa – Football Nose

Germany held the World Cup in 2006 and Lufthansa decided to do their bit…by simply painting a football onto the nose of the plane. Luftansa did this to 40 of its fleet.

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