ValuePoints vigorously promotes the cooperation between China and the West in innovative application of blockchain

The combination of blockchain and finance has already become an inevitable trend of financial development, and finance will step into the era of science and technology in the future.

The Blockchain Fintech Summit of Silicon Valley was solemnly held in Santa Clara Convention Center of Silicon Valley on 7 Jan., and experts and scholars from various countries will gather at the convention to discuss the latest development trend of blockchain. IBM (the global 500 companies), Guiyang Government, Shanghai Institute of International Finance, and the financial innovation enterprise ValuePoints all sent out representatives to attend this convention. 

The founder and CEO of China’s fintech enterprise representative – ValuePoints, Kong Xianghui

Kong Xianghui and Fremont ethnic Chinese mayoress Gao Xujia

Kong Xianghui and Cupertino councilman Zhang Zhaofu

The world is faced with the pressure of economic downturn. As the core of modern economy, finance should take the lead in breaking this situation and guiding economy to restore steady growth. Therefore, top industry technicians in America have brought about authoritative technical interpretations and industry trend anticipations. Chinese scholars have given an interpretation according to the current economic situations. Both parties have exchanged and shared opportunities and challenges faced by blockchain application in China and the West.

On the one hand, China’s financial innovation enterprises have got through upstream and downstream financing channels of the industry chain via supply chain finance, injecting vitality into the industry and promoting finance to serve entity industries. On the other hand, petty consumer credit is established to stimulate consumer demands, add employment opportunities and fuel economic growth.

As for the financial innovation in China, the founder and CEO of China’s fintech enterprise representative – ValuePoints, Kong Xianghui said, “After supply chain finance brings blockchain into credit system, the distributed consensus mechanism will substantially increase enterprises’ penalty cost, thus the credit environment will be improved.” In addition, blockchain technology application can be integrated into digital asset securitization elements. In this way, a scientific distribution mechanism can be established, extensive financing channels will be provided for entrepreneurs and middle and small-sized enterprises, and a more advanced monetary circulation order can be formed. In the field of consumer finance, ValuePoints will establish abundant payment scenes by combining with digital currency payment. After a huge ecological system is formed, brand-new financial infrastructures will be established, to improve the liquidation and settlement efficiency.

ValuePoints, Kong Xianghui was making a speech

ValuePoints is a fintech enterprise with great initiative spirit in China. Its platform is mainly occupied in intermediary trade services of digital assets. It possesses rich practical experience in application of blockchain and has prospective opinions about China’s local financial policies. ValuePoints will accelerate the initiation of overseas marketing strategy, and form an alliance network of digital asset trade exchanges covering the whole world from point to area. It tries to realize real-time trade, information sharing and data synchronism at a global scale, and to become a global trading center, information center and price center of digital assets.

During the convention, NABA and Chinese enterprises reached cooperation in many projects and signed a cooperation agreement of entering Guizhou of China, to found an incubator and blockchain research lab.

The globalization of blockchain has promoted commercial cooperation and academic discussion between the East and West. The financial reform brought about by blockchain is considered from the perspective of the universe. We should deeply explore the theory and seriously combine with practice, to greet the year of 2017 which is the first year of fintech.

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