Azorean Legends as Folklore – Collection of traditional legends and tales from the Azores

“Azorean Legends as Folklore” by Regina Oberschelp de Meneses
Regina Oberschelp de Meneses enables a wide audience to enjoy the impressive Azorean heritage in “Azorean Legends as Folklore”.

The traditional legends and tales of the Azores are usually handed down orally from one generation to the next. Written stories are simply not a traditional part of the Azorean culture. This means that the fascinating stories from that exotic part of the world are often not accessible to interested readers. In Azorean legends, the listener usually gets to hear storiess about natural events like erupting volcanoes, tsunamis and terrible storms. Then there are stories about human weaknesses, but also human strengths which allow them to overcome their problems and find interesting and unusual solutions to problems. But there are also stories of pirates and exciting adventures.

The fascinating and exotic stories in “Azorean Legends as Folklore” by Regina Oberschelp de Meneses will inadvertently cast their spell over the reader who will dive into the mysterious world of the nine enchanted islands of the Azores in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The author spent decades to collect the stories in this collection and now makes their translations available to anybody with an interest in Azorean culture. These tales possess the power to make the readers feel immersed in the midst of the archipelago’s past of pirates, volcano eruptions, earthquakes, historical and human foible and their unfaltering trust in the omnipresent Holy Spirit.

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