L.A.M.E 1 Launches A BASIC JOURNAL FOR COUPLES via SaintValentinesStudy.com & SaintValentineGames.com

Alaska, USA – 9th January, 2017 – Spending time with the one you love is important in every relationship. While this may seem obvious, it’s these times of deeper connection that will sustain you during the lean times. Quality times also present the best opportunities for increased love among couples.

After due consideration of the importance of togetherness in a relationship, LIONELL a Love expert, designed the best romantic and erotic basic journal for lovers.  This Basic Journal will enable Lovers (#Lame1s) to turn everyday games, televised events etc into Amorous Amour quality time, anytime!

The Basic Journal is designed to help couples interact, get to know one another, and keep everyone entertained. You are guaranteed to get the couples talking and laughing.

Basic Journal consists of fun adult games that can be played while watching television: Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, At the races: Cycling; Tour De France.  It is fun living an amorous lifestyle.  “A stableloving relationship” is the absolute cornerstone of human happiness and general well-being.

According to Lionell, the founder of L&ME 1, the basic journal is full of romantic games such as L&ME 1 LEGO game, which is a role playing or Masquerade(s) game. It is a game of Odds & Evens. With L&ME 1 television game, all you need is a television and a digital antenna. “L&ME 1 Let’s Make A Deal game” is one of the best games that any couple needs to build their relationship.

“L&ME1 Price Is Right game” is another unique game that lovers need to build their relationship. What about the unique “L&ME1 CATCH 21 game?” This is another unique game for lovers. “L&ME1 NEWLYWED GAME” is the best game for the newly wedded lovers.

There are different games in L&ME1 basic journal, and these games can be accessed at www.SaintValentinesStudy.com or www.saintvalentinegames.com

Best of all, finding a game for two lovers can build your relationship. And here at L&ME 1, we’re all about fun relationship!

About  L&ME1:

L&ME1 means Love and Experts, It is an organization that promotes  Love and relationship through Books, Journals, etc.

If you’re over 18 years old, you can have access to L&ME1 basic journal at www.SaintValentinesStudy.com or www.saintvalentinegames.com

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