SPARE To Roll Out Support For Bitcoin This Month And Extend Services Internationally later this year

Revolutionary finance app SPARE. is soon to extend its support for Bitcoin from this month and would also scale up its services internationally, later this year. The company assures the exclusive convenience of requesting cash while-on-the-go with iOS device

Santa Monica, CA, January 9, 2017: Bitcoin ATMs are far and few, which spells trouble for those increasingly taking to Bitcoin transactions. But the hassle is soon to be a thing of the past! Much to the delight of Bitcoin users, breakthrough mobile cash ordering app SPARE has announced to extend its support for Bitcoin so that Bitcoin users can cash out, in the SPARE network, without the need of a bitcoin ATM.

A rising name in the finance app world, the company has also declared to extend its services internationally to Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Spain, and Nicaragua.

“We are extremely delighted to announce that we are celebrating the New Year with our support for Bitcoin mobile transactions through SPARE. We understand Bitcoin transactions are shooting at a steady pace in the contemporary digital world and we aim to make life easier for our smart trendy millennials. With SPARE’s Bitcoin support, no more you have to waste time searching for Bitcoin ATMs, as everything can be done directly from your iOS device. Alongside, inspired by a huge response in the domestic scene, we are now looking forward to pushing our game-changing service to international regions as well”, stated D’ontra Hughes, who founded SPARE in 2013.

Dubbing SPARE as having the same extinction capability on ATMs as Netflix had on Blockbuster Video, Hughes stressed on offering the exclusive convenience of requesting cash while-on-the-go from an iOS device. The patent-protected app speaks of a revolutionary mobile ATM network which is cheaper, more secure and more convenient than ATM. Although based in LA and young, the company has merchants in numerous regions around the U.S. including: New York, Colorado, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Washington DC.

It’s as simple as 1-2-3 to use SPARE for secured transactions on the go.

  • Log-in, enter your amount, find the nearest merchant on the SPARE. map
  • Get a secure QR code
  • Go to selected store, approach the cashier and present your secure QR code.
  •  Once its verified, get your cash!

Speaking on the inspiration behind such a breakthrough app, SPARE’s CEO D’ontra mentioned about his days as a manager at a premier bar in a plush hotel in Santa Monica. He saw how the guests struggled to locate ATMs for a last-minute need to tip the valet and he decided that there must be a more convenient way for people to access cash. And, SPARE was born.



“The only thing you were never able to do with your mobile phone regarding banking is ordering cash but now you can do that thanks to SPARE. It would be handy for millennials who are currently using digital wallets like: ApplePay, PayPal, or (starting this month) Bitcoin digital wallets. It would be convenient for retailers who do not want to bear liability of extra cash in the register- moreover; such easy cash accession will lead to a dandy rise in foot traffic in your store, shooting your revenue up to 20%. SPARE would also be beneficial for banks that can’t afford an ATM.  Banks can use SPARE’s network instead of a 3rd party co-op network to benefit their business account holders with a brick and mortar location as well as their regular customers. Consumers pay a small fee ranging from $2-3 which is WAY less than the national average of $4.57”

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